Washed gravel floors.

pavimenoi ghiaino lavato

The technology used for the production of washed gravel floors allows to obtain a surface similar to traditional gravel. The whole process is carried out as follows:  a mix of crushed stone, pure grain of various gauge and a special primer is cast on a previously prepared basis. Afterwards, is performed a wash with the help of high pressure hydro-cleaner and is applied a layer of resin. As a result you get a beautiful and elegant gravel coating.

Our company offers all the necessary materials and application service of washed gravel floors. The proven experience of our craftsmen and a large amount of projects done guarantee you the impeccable result.

Advantages of washed gravel floors.

  1. Ecological product that is prepared by mixing cement, marble, sand and natural stone. And to reinforce, are also added coloured and superfluidifying fibers. Thus, you get a nice natural gravel surface that respects all safety standards.
  2. A durable and practical coating with great value for money. Being manufacturers we are able to offer the best materials at affordable prices. In addition, the washed gravel floor can be applied directly to the existing surface (if it does not have any major cracks) so you can avoid demolition costs. This type of coating will last for about 10 to 15 years, depending on use and does not require frequent maintenance.
  3. Washed gravel floors are sanded, which allows them to be easily cleaned with a simple broom or water.
  4. UV rays resistance, temperature changes and other atmospheric agents. This type of floors are designed for terraces, driveways, swimming pools or sidewalks.
  5. Unlimited design solutions, with the ability to combine colours and shades. This floor will not lose its aesthetic properties over time, always being beautiful and elegant!

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