Concrete floors for interiors!

concrete floor for indoors

Concrete floors are a perfect solution for interiors! If you want to get a good looking surface made of natural materials, avoiding any inconvenience, printed floors are the right option. APSE concrete floors have been known for their ability to resist abrasion, aesthetic attraction, rapid application and many other advantages. And also, they meet the most important requirement, safety for human health and environment.

Concrete floor for interiors must meet the following criteria:

  • solidity;
  • waterproofing;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • durability;
  • affordable price;
  • easy maintenance;
  • ability to create customised designs.

In our laboratories we are engaged in a continuous research of innovative solutions for market demands. We accurately follow all market trends and we take care of our product quality to fully satisfy our customers.

The use of concrete floors for modern design solutions can also be explained by the fact that this material is very hygienic and easy to clean. We all want a clean and tidy house. APSE concrete floors create smooth and continuous surface. Their antistatic property guaranties no dust on its surface and the absence of joints completely excludes the creation and development of the pathogenic flora.

APSE concrete floors for indoor use are completely safe for health.

We are leaders of building materials market. We have earned the trust of thousands of customers. We endeavour that all our products are tested and certified in accordance with the European standards. Our customers health and the environment  protection play a very important role for our company. Therefore, we encourage our technicians to comply with the strictest European standards during product development and its implementation.

APSE concrete floors for indoors. Costs

As manufacturers, we are able to guarantee competitive prices for all of our customers. The price of concrete floors depends on the size of the surface to coat. The larger it is , the lower is the cost per square meter. In addition, all the customers who order a turnkey option get an additional discount. Average cost of cement floors for interior of 25-50 EUR per sqm.

Ordering our concrete floors for indoors will help you to save two times. The first when you buy APSE quality materials and the second when you order our application service performed by our craftsmen, who have an extensive experience and carry out the works quickly and within the set deadlines.

Modern micro-cement floors for indoor use.

rivestimenti microcemento1

APSE micro-cement flooring is a modern innovative material. It is an ideal combination of polymers, natural substances and decorative fillers. Such an ideal formula, which was created in our laboratories, as a result gives an ideal seamless coating, which falls perfectly on any surface: concrete, metal, tile, polymer and other.

«APSE» company offers the creation of floors for indoor premises from micro-cement in private houses, apartments and offices in Italy end in the World. We carry out all the works on a turnkey basis, we provide quality guarantees, as well as consultations on the selection of materials for the work.

Indoor floors from micro-cement from «APSE».
We have an innovative high-tech solution for your floor that is micro-cement. It does not require a lot of time and money, and most importantly, micro-cement floors do not need a complete dismantling of the old coating. Due to its high adhesion, it can be mounted on any basis! The main requirement to the surface is its hardness, evenness, purity and dryness. Everything else will be done by microcement and our masters!

Advantages of micro-cement flooring for indoor use.

pavimento in microbeton

  • As already mentioned, you do not have to dismantle completely the old floor covering, just put it in order, get rid of unstable elements and slightly level it.
  • Reliable and strong micro-cement floors indoors will please you for many years. Our customers often order it for public premises, for residential rooms with high level of population walking. And also for offices, showrooms, brand magazins.
  • The appearance of such a coating remains unchanged for many years. Its decorativeness and color do not lose their attractiveness over time.
  • Great opportunities in the design direction. Such a floor can perfectly fit into any room in any style and optimally fit the overall interior.
  • All the installation work is carried out very quickly: within 24 hours after the completion of the work, you will be able to put into operation the ready-made floor of micro-cement.
  • Ecologically safe for human health and the environment. Fireproof, and also does not pass moisture and does not change even under direct influence of water. This makes it possible to use it as a floor covering for any interior space.
Modern micro-cement floors for apartments, in apartments.

pavimento per interno

Micro-cement floors from «APSE» is an ideal material for arrangement of modern apartments and private residences. And also for use in "wet@ areas - in a bathroom, in a kitchen, in a pool, etc. We offer a high-tech new material that fully meets all modern requirements for finishing materials and is able to make your home ideal for living.

We have created for you the ideal floor of micro-cement, our laboratories have developed its components and introduced into production in order to satisfy all customer requests. Its composition comprise innovative polymers, cement, natural substances and decorative components. The formula of their connection is a successful solution for any surfaces and conditions. A lot of completed projects, rich experience of our experts and our own production allows us to guarantee the installation of the ideal floor in your apartment.

Advantages of the micro-cement floor for apartments from «APSE».

  1. Possibility to carry out floor finishing in any room regardless of its purpose. This way you can create your own unique design of the whole apartment with one material. It will perfectly serve in a bathroom, in a kitchen and in a bedroom. This allows you to follow the chosen style for all apartments.
  2. Profitable coating - micro-cement floor in the apartment. There are several reasons for this:
    • with a coating thickness of only a few millimeters, its hardness is equal to the hardness of hardwood, which means that the material usage will be small;
    • easily tolerates both direct contact with water, and simply the exposure of steam and moisture, which makes it possible to use it in a shower, in a bathroom, etc.;
    • malignant bacteria and fungi do not grow here, which means that the care for such a floor will be simple and inexpensive;
    • repair is carried out quickly and simply, it is enough to wipe the destroyed area with a special compound and everything will be alright;
    • to arrange a floor of micro-cement, you do not need to move out of the apartment with the whole family, because grandiose dismantling is not needed, and the floor itself, even during installation, does not emit any harmful substances;
    • we are manufacturers, which means that our prices for floor and work on its installation are the most profitable.
  3. Universal in application: perfectly combined with any technology and materials. You can easily mount a system of "warm floor" of any type, or simply cover the existing coating with a new coating of micro-cement. Thanks to the highest adhesion, it falls on any materials.

Micro-cement floors from the «APSE» company are reliable, profitable and high-quality floors from the manufacturer!

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