Resin floors for warehouses, hangars etc.

resin floor at the warehouse

Requirements for hangar floors, warehouses and car parks are very high. The coating must be resistant to chemical and mechanical stresses, temperature variations and precipitation. Also of great importance is the resistance of the coating to the application of specific loads in motion. In hangars constant mechanical stress and heavy loads of aircrafts, helicopters, and large equipment, as well as exposure to aggressive chemicals can damage the coating very quickly. Resin floors produced by our company are the ideal solution in terms of resistance and durability. Also, by purchasing our set-up service you can save twice.

Resin floor features.

This type of coating is used in laboratories, warehouse and in areas requiring the use of particularly strong and safe floorings. Here are the most important requirements:

  • Resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress;
  • Resistance to chemical agents;
  • Sustainability;
  • Decorative properties;
  • Economic efficiency;
  • Higher thermal resistance;
  • Antistatic properties;
  • Anti-slip properties.

Resin floors from brand name APSE for warehouses have the following advantages:

  1. High flame retardant capacity.
  2. Great assortment that allows you to find the coating with the necessary properties.
  3. High flexibility and greater wear resistance. The casting of this type of floor penetrates into the soil at 6 mm, strengthening the entire surface.
  4. The ability to combine different types of coatings on different sections of the hangar without excessive expense.
  5. Fast application service. You can use the floor just 24 hours from the end of the work.

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