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Here you will find pictures of a whole application cycle of our industrial floors and other completed projects. APSE company is engaged in the production of the necessary materials for solid and durable floors in food, mechanical, chemical and other industries etc. Therefore, our experience allows us to work safely on projects of any complexity and to bring them to a successful conclusion.

Industrial coatings from APSE. Beautiful and practical.

As you can see from our photo gallery, we offer the best options for your business. Our floors are a perfect solution for any environment:

  1. in laboratories of  chemical , pharmaceutical and food industries;
  2. in public catering;
  3. in gyms;
  4. in medical facilities, even for surgical use;
  5. in power plants;
  6. pavilions for exhibitions;
  7. in the children's entertainment places, shopping centers, offices etc.

The extensive use of industrial self levelling floors, as confirmed by our own creations, is guaranteed thsnks to their unique properties. They are very resistant, solid and durable, able to withstand heavy loads, without physical damage, and without changing their look. The application of self levelling floors in kindergartens and schools, has proven that they are completely safe and do not cause any harm to the health of children and fully comply with all health and safety standards set by regulatory agencies. And their attractive look and various special effects will not leave indifferent any child or adult.

Industrial floors. Photos.

In our gallery we have pictures with detailed description of the application process. You can choose the desired project, make changes according to your needs and send it to us. We will prepare an individual estimate and send it to you as soon as possible. Taking in to account a ready-made project it becomes easier to choose among the available colours and textures and make adjustments according to your preferences.
If you have any questions regarding an existing project or you want to create your own one, individually, our consultants are always available for an advice. Therefore, welcome to our gallery. Take a look at our best projects!

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