Concrete industrial floors

concrete industrial floor

Traditional concrete and other coatings for industrial premises, used in the last 10-15 years, have now lost their relevance. The unfavorable climate in the production facilities leads to the impracticability of  flooring of this type. They become filled with cracks, they fall, lose their waterproofness and collect dust on their surface. To avoid these unpleasant drawbacks, our company has developed a special technology for concrete floorings. This new technology allows you to create a beautiful and practical flooring for any business.

Our artisans have all the knowledge necessary for laying of the industrial flooring in concrete. Our production guarantees the best materials and equipment to carry out the application of the standard coatings.

Why to choose concrete floors for industrial buildings?

The advantages of industrial floorings in concrete attract many private business owners. Such coatings have proved themselves to be indispensable not only in shops, bars and restaurants, but also in damp environments, such as, for example, chemical laboratories. Thus, by ordering industrial flooring in concrete, you get a lot of advantages without the negative qualities of conventional coatings.

  1. Reduced dust formation. You do not have to worry about cleaning the premises constantly.
  2. Resistance to wear. High dragging resistance guaranteed across all the surface of your warehouse or shop. Continuous trampling is no longer a problem and will not spoil the aesthetic appearance of your floor.
  3. Greater resistance to mechanical stress. Even the fall of a heavy load will not affect the look and functionality of your floor.
  4. Greater resistance to chemical agents. You can cleanse the floor from both the stains of spilled wine in a restaurant or chemicals in a lab.
  5. A wide range of design solutions. You can choose any single colour and texture of the coating to make it suitable for any interiors.
  6. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Ordinary cleaning does not require excessive efforts and specific equipment.
  7. Duration of industrial flooring in concrete. It does not require replacement or restoration every 1-2 years.

Our floors can acquire different properties depending on purposes of an industrial plant. We can create the necessary blend and use fillers to provide greater resistance to mechanical stress, aggressive chemicals, so that your floor will never lose its original appearance. We can also donate it an anti-slip and anti-static effect to avoid excessive dust creation during use. Another important factor is the sustainability of the materials, which is a must for our company.

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