Epoxy paint for resin floorings.

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Epoxy paint is one of the most resistant and durable types of coloring and painting. This is why we offer our customers the application of enamels and paints based on epoxy resin for floorings. We are epoxy paint producers, and buying it at your company bacomes an important advantage for you. So why there are more and more people choosing this material for painting? Let's look in detail.

Epoxy paint for resin floorings and its application area.

  1. Application of epoxy paint on floors significantly increases floor strength to physical damage.
  2. Greater resistance to mechanical stress and aggressive chemical agents.
  3. It is used in the application of self-leveling floors for both interior and exterior.
  4. To cover virtually any surface: metal, plastic, wood, glass, cement.

As a result, the characteristics of epoxy paint give unlimited possibilities for its use: it is suitable for almost all surfaces and in all conditions.

Which floors can be made with epoxy paints?

  • Thin painted resin  floors;
  • Resin decorative floors with 3D images or other voluminous inserts;
  • Resin flooring containing a quartz layer;
  • Self-leveling floors with anti-slip effect.

What are the properties of a floor with the use of epoxy paint?

  1. Resistance to mechanical and chemical stress;
  2. Unlimited decorative properties;
  3. Impermeability;
  4. Anti-static and anti-dust properties;
  5. Easy to clean using any detergent.

Where can epoxy paint be used?

  • In garages, car parks;
  • In stores, shops;
  • In commercial areas, exhibition halls;
  • In refrigerators and freezers;
  • In agricultural premises;
  • In living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, etc.
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