Industrial quartz floors.

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Industrial quartz floor is a high-resistance coating for floors exposed to heavy loads and industrial machinery traffic. It is an essential coating for ramps and entrances to parking lots, shops and warehouses. In addition to high resistance to mechanical stresses, floors with the addition of quartz sand tolerate well the interaction with various chemical solutions and possess anti-slip properties.

Therefore, APSE offers you a particular type of floor, with quartz or silica additives. These common minerals give extra solidity to any surface, estimated at seven points of the Mohs scale. In addition, this material is not expensive, so you get the best value for money. By adding the quartz sand  to the industrial floors meshes, we make them more resistant to abrasion with no extra costs.

The advantages of quartz floors for industrial facilities.

Our company has been engaged in manufacturing of different types of coatings and building meshes for over 65 years. Our work is based on the continuous study of the market and customer needs. This is the only way to create a product that fully meets the requirements and needs of the modern customer. So we exactly know how to make a perfect industrial floor and we are sure that our materials are able to surprise even the most experienced professionals.

Special qualities of APSE industrial quartz floors :

  • high wear and mechanical stress resistance;
  • resistance to salts, alkalis, acids and other chemical solutions;
  • smooth and continuous and completely hermetic surface;
  • antistatic properties;
  • non-slip effect;
  • tolerance to aggressive cleaning agents;
  • safety for human health and environment;
  • resistance to rough temperature changes and UV rays without changing neither its properties nor look ;
  • water repellent.

Destination of industrial industrial quartz floors:

  • parking areas with heavy vehicle traffic;
  • warehouses and industrial buildings, in particular with high-handling areas and machinery traffic on hard plastic or metal wheels;
  • shopping centres, hypermarkets, superstores;
  • garages, car washes;

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