Printed, stamped floors!

stamped floor

Concrete floor is a solid printed surface of coloured concrete which can imitate a look of stone, brick or wood. Thanks to their special properties and superior characteristics, printed floors can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our company offers you a wide range of stamped floors developed with APSE innovative technology. Thanks to a continuous research in our laboratories, we have gained a leading position on the market. The winning combination of high quality materials and the best price guaranteed by the manufacturer gives you the possibility to create original and unique stamped floors.

stamped floor

Advantages of APSE stamped floors.

  1. Nice look. You can create various textures to obtain a surface wood, stone, concrete, brick and even tissue like. Thus, printed floors will have the appearance suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Your guests will never get to have under their feet a high-tech material that looks like stone but excels in terms of quality any other type of coating. Call us and we will offer you a wide range of textures and colours to create your own original design.
  2. Attractive price. You can buy our printed floors at a competitive price. As manufacturers, we are able to offer the lowest price with no extras. In addition, if you also order our application service you will a get turkey solution saving both time and money.
  3. Practical coating. Concrete printed floors have a superior durability compared to conventional ones. A  special thermic treatment followed by colouring makes it more resistant to temperature changes,direct UV rays, and aggressive chemical substances. It is also extremely resistant to abrasion and aggressive detergents. A wide range of meshes and components, allows us to create a suitable coating according to specific conditions of use.
  4. Easy cleaning. Printed concrete floors are easy to clean. Warm water, soap and a mop are enough to remove stains and make its colours bright again.
  5. Quick application. Our experienced craftsmen will perform the application service  in strict compliance with the technical manuals. One of the advantages of the decorative concrete coatings is the fast application and a rapid preparation of the substrate, even in case of voluminous size surfaces.
  6. Original appearance for a long time. Concrete is considered to be the best option for surfaces with frequent mechanical stress, heavy loads and foot traffic. They last much longer than other conventional coatings.
  7. Maximum hygiene. Continuous printed coatings do not permit weed growth and the creation of anthills on their surfaces. It makes them perfect for side walks, floors in shopping centres, swimming pools, playgrounds or squares, and in the areas where it is necessary to clean the area quickly and easily.
  8. Suitable for any climatic condition. Printed concrete floor tolerates well rough temperature and humidity level changes. Thus, constant freezing and thawing do not compromise their solidity and do not damage the surface. Also printed floors possess a non-slip effect which makes them safe for use in latitudes with high risk of frost. We will consider all the peculiarities of the use of your future floor and enrich meshes, if necessary, with special components.
  9. Easy and fast renovation. Need to renovate or replace a small part of the surface? Don't worry, because it can be done with no need to demolish the entire coating. A recovery layer may be applied only on the necessary part or over entire surface. It is a very fast process, which is extremely convenient for commercial areas.

Solid and durable, these are only a few adjectives that describe positive qualities of the printed concrete floor. APSE technology, implemented by our craftsmen in the application process, permits to create surfaces with a high coefficient of resistance to mechanical stress, that will last for many years maintaining their original appearance and solidity.

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