Monday, 01 October 2018 12:52

APSE will participate as exhibitor at the 2nd edition of the GIC 2018

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The only Italian fair dedicated to the concrete sector. Continue reading and download the admission ticket for free.

We are pleased to inform you that V & V srl - APSE will be exhibiting at the 2nd edition of the GIC-Italian Days of Concrete / Italian Concrete Days, which will be held in Piacenza from 8 to 10 November 2018.

The GIC is the only Italian exhibition-conference dedicated entirely to the concrete supply chain that also includes the machines and equipment for cutting and demolition of reinforced concrete structures, recycling and transport of aggregates. At the margins of the GIC exhibition, an extensive program of important and current conferences and seminars will be held.

We are waiting for you at Hall 1 Stand A51.

Friday, 28 September 2018 12:38

APSE will participate as exhibitor SAIE 2018

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SAIE 2018 Technologies towards Building and Built Environment 4.0.

We are pleased to inform you that V & V srl - APSE will participate as exhibitor SAIE 2018 - Technologies for construction and the built environment 4.0.

Location: Bologna, Fair District

Bologna, Italy

Date: from 17th to 20th October 2018

We are waiting for you at Pad 26 - Stand B39

Monday, 10 September 2018 11:41

Quality Policy V & V SRL APSE

Written by

Quality policy V & V srl.

In order to guarantee the quality of the products and services provided, as well as the satisfaction of its customers, V & V srl has decided to analyze the business environment and the needs of stakeholders and to implement its own Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

The Management has analyzed the expectations and needs of its customers, summing them up as follows:

  1. Quality of products and constancy over time;
  2. Continuous innovation of products and services;
  3. Competitive prices;
  4. Fast response times to customer requests

The Management fosters the understanding of the management principles and rules of its Quality Management System among all employees, actively involving them in its implementation; it also supports the development of processes, resources and constant improvement, the full satisfaction of the customers and encourages a serene and productive corporate environment.

V & V Srl defines long-term objectives to be achieved through the Quality Management System (QMS) and assesses the risks associated with business processes:

  • Identification of customer needs leading to product innovation,
  • organizational flexibility to cope with changes in delivery times,
  • maximum attention to the definition of contractual requirements when reviewing customer requests
  • improvement responses to customers by taking prompt action further to any complaints,
  • assessment of the quality of supplies and suppliers' performance,
  • verification of safety regulations, employees' health and external environment,
  • improvement of customer satisfaction and use of innovative production-related technical formulations,
  • optimized use and management of available resources in order to attain the best economic and qualitative performance,
  • high-ranking positioning in the market sector, in order to reach customers not through an aggressive market policy, but by enhancing the corporate image,
  • extensive application of methodologies for the complete recovery and recycling of used materials in order to preserve the environment and ensure the employees' safety,
  • elimination of all anomalies, mainly through risk prevention and assessment measures,
  • achievement of a highly professional capacity of the company staff and a high-level corporate image,
  • staff motivation and involvement in company activities,
  • actual organizational knowledge and control of the quality level of the products,
  • verification of compliance with the set requirements and applicable technical regulations,
  • attainment of the certification of its organization in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:20015 standard,
  • reduction of any waste of resources and constant improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and related processes.

The QMS is aligned with the company's strategy and documented by procedures, flowcharts, operating instructions and forms/technical sheets to store information about the activities and processes that enable complying with the necessary requirements for the products.

The achievement of the above objectives enriches our company's professional growth and is related to the personal commitment that everyone working in the company is called to undertake.

The staff working in the company is personally responsible for the constant implementation of the rules laid down by the Management.

The following policy will be reviewed during the annual auditing phase to ensure its validity over time and is also made available to all and applied within the company.

DATE: 2/03/2017 rev.0

General Management

Geom.Vavassori Edmondo

Monday, 21 May 2018 08:43

Self-leveling Malta at Great Price only Here

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Self-leveling grout for poured floor from the Italian manufacturer marked "Apse".

self-leveling floor

Poured floor is one of the best flooring options in an apartment or a country house. This is an advantageous and beautiful decorative solution for any room. It has established itself as practical, reliable and the one that fits any interior design. We offer you our services and materials for the installation of flooring from the manufacturer.

What does "APSE" company offer?

Our company produces self-leveling grout for the installation of poured floors of the following types:

  1. Self-leveling floors with a thickness of 2 mm. They are made only from environmentally friendly, high-strength, reliable polymer components. A successful combination of such components, as a result, gives a perfectly smooth, durable and aesthetically attractive covering.
  2. Such covering is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, residential premises, as well as for actively visited places: shopping malls, children's rooms or sports facilities. Thanks to its decorative qualities, it will satisfy the request of any designer, so many parlours order our mixtures for self-leveling floors.
  3. Thin-layer coating, created with micro cement. Its thickness is no more than 2 mm, and it can be mounted on any even surfaces. Due to their high adhesion and strength, they ideally fit the premises with high humidity, where there is a risk of mechanical abrasion and it is necessary to renew decorative flooring quickly.

What's special about a self-leveling floor?

The main advantage of the ready-made resin floor is its even, almost perfect surface. In addition, high wear resistance, due to which the covering will last for many years even in difficult conditions. Seamless mounting technology allows to provide high hygiene and exclude clogging of dust and dirt in the joint space. This is another weighty advantage in favor of the floor.

For all these indicators it is necessary to ensure a smooth surface of the base. It not only has to eliminate irregularities, but also to become a base for the best adhesion of the covering and the substrate. And for mounting the floor itself, only special solutions are suitable. The choice of self-leveling mixtures must be approached responsibly and seriously.

How to prepare the floor for self-leveling floor correctly?

Whatever the composition of the polymer flooring is, on a polyurethane, epoxy, methylmethyl aryl base, for all of them it is necessary to create an ideal base. The concrete surface is polished: it is necessary to eliminate the oversailed popouts, to fill in the cracks and spalls. Then, the floor is leveled with a screed of self-leveling solutions. The main thing is to sustain all the main stages of its formation:

  1. setting a level and markers, due to which the solution will be poured;
  2. pouring the prepared solution to the upper level of the markers on the base;
  3. levelling a screed by a darby float and its complete drying in an enclosed space;
  4. After complete drying, you can start pouring self-leveling floor.

As you can see, the final result depends on the quality of the mixture. Will the floor be durable and reliable, how much it will serve and how smooth will it be - all these indicators are important and should not change for the worse. Therefore, choose mixtures of only high quality, from the manufacturer, which has proved itself in the market of construction services.

Why is it profitable to buy solution for self-leveling floors in "APSE"?

  • Unique mixtures for the production of self-leveling floors of Italian production. The company is on the leadership positions of the construction market in Italy, which means that you can contact us directly, without intermediaries.
  • You can buy our solutions at favorable prices and order their arrangement. Our professionals have high qualifications, extensive experience and work with materials of the highest quality. You can save considerably by ordering from us the whole complex of works on arrangement of floors from resin.
  • Since 1964 we have been producing solutions and mixtures for finishing works. Our products are environmentally friendly, high-quality and reliable. You have the opportunity to buy products directly from production department, where it passes all the stages of quality control.
  • We work quickly and professionally. We finish work in strictly stipulated terms, and upon their end you can immediately use the floor.
  • Compliance with all technological processes guarantees a long life of your floor. In this way, you get long-lasting results.
  • We offer favorable terms of cooperation on a continuous basis for design agencies, construction companies and ordinary buyers. Contact us for buying self-leveling mixtures at wholesale prices!

Monday, 14 May 2018 10:55

Self-leveling concrete Prices from the Manufacturer HERE

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Self-leveling concrete from the Italian manufacturer brand "Apse"!

self-leveling concrete

The first problem faced by those who started repairs in their house is an uneven floor. If it was made using old technologies, then the materials cannot withstand a long operation. And you will face cavities, potholes, unevennesses and influxes of concrete, sticking armature, etc. Self-leveling concrete enjoys well-deserved popularity, which does not lose its positions from year to year.

Why are they used so often? A number of reasons can be specified, but only two of them will be main: ease of installation and minimal terms of achieving results. Modern construction is moving forward with a wet sail, increasingly using innovative materials. The appearance of such a covering, as a self-leveling floor, was a logical result of the work of many creators of building materials. Responding to a request from a consumer who did not want to wait any longer, when traditional concrete solidifies and hurries every hour and every minute, such solutions and mixtures have been created.

What is Self-leveling concrete used for?

We offer solutions and mixtures for the installation of self-leveling screeds, consisting of one or many components, from quartz mineral charges, copolymers and special additives. They quickly harden and create a high-strength covering. Acquiring high mechanical properties, it becomes an ideal basis for the future floor. Allows masters to proceed to work in the shortest possible time.

This screed is indispensable where it is necessary to make the surface perfectly flat with its minimum thickness. The specific formulation makes it possible to cover large areas without the use of reinforcing meshes. Suitable as a basis for:

  • Linoleum or other synthetic flexible coverings;
  • Carpeted floors;
  • Floorboard and parquet plank;
  • Wooden floor made of boards;
  • Ceramic and stone tiles;
  • Underfloor heating or cooling systems;
  • For self-leveling decorative floors of any kind;
  • Construction of new and strengthening of existing cement supports;
  • For surfaces of any volume;
  • When you need to mount a floor covering quickly and efficiently.

Here you will find advantageous offers of the Italian market, you can order the material in any quantity at the best prices. At self-leveling concrete prices offered by our company will help to significantly save when pouring a strong and durable covering in any type of room.

Self-leveling concrete - advantages of working with us.

Manufacturing solutions for self-leveling floors is the main direction of work of "APSE" company. And our products occupy a leading position in the construction market in Italy.

This gives you the following profitable positions: from attractive prices for mixtures to guarantees for high quality materials and work on their application.

We have been working in Italy since 1964 and we produce modern building materials, on the creation of which we work in our laboratories. These are high-tech mixtures that can transform any coverings and ensure the arrangement of strong and beautiful floors.

We constantly improve the composition of self-leveling concrete and introduce new components that provide even higher adhesion, strength and ability to align the most seemingly hopeless surfaces.

Innovative modifying polymers, mineral ingredients, as well as other components provide a long service life and strength to the whole composition. And this means that the screed, made on our solutions, will last for many years without visible damage and will retain its unique qualities.

Such coverings have no seams, so their integrity will be of good service in the bathrooms, in kitchens or in pools. Bacteria will not be collected in such a floor, it will be practical and easy to care for. Self-leveling floor is always advantageous and convenient!

Our offers for wholesale buyers and regular customers always please with their favorable terms. We provide discounts and special conditions for cooperation, both for private customers and large companies. As we are producers, this gives us unlimited possibilities for deliveries, their volumes and discounts for our customers.

Make sure in the quality of our work - visit the gallery on our website with photos of the finished works and video of installation technologies. This once again proves the high standards and the fulfillment of all the requirements for the quality of the material and the work of our specialists.

Please contact our managers in on-line form or on the specified phones in order to expand the capabilities of your home and implement unique ideas.

Monday, 23 April 2018 11:54

High quality self-leveling screed Here

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Self-levelling underlayment from Apse.

Self-levelling underlayment

In order to lay any finish covering on the floor, you need to achieve a perfectly smooth surface and evenness of the rough floor. If you do not pay special attention to this, then eventually the tile, self-leveling floor or parquet will deform, carpet flooring or linoleum will tear and you have to start all over again. Self-levelling underlayment will help to solve this problem. "APSE" company offers you mixtures and mortars for underlayments at the best prices. Call our manager-consultants and ask questions about our capabilities!

What benefit will you get by using a self-leveling mixture?

It is clear that the basis of good floor covering is smooth base surface. Competently and professionally prepared covering means long and problem-free operation of the floor. So, the surface should be leveled, without breaches, low spots, unnecessary slopes.

Possibility of arrangement of thermal insulation and soundproofing with less expenses. Self-leveling mixtures are not only convenient and technological in their work, application and subsequent operation. This is also an additional soundproof layer, besides they can be bought for arranging warm floors.

They work fast and do not require significant investment and physical effort. It is enough simply to dissolve the necessary mixture according to the instructions and proceed to leveling the surface.

It should also be taken into account that such mixtures freeze very quickly and you do not need to spend a lot of time waiting to continue working. Literally, in a few hours the masters will be able to begin their further work.

Using such underlayment, you strengthen the surface and prevent its destruction. We offer innovative underlayment compounds, including new components into them that increase their service life and make your floor perfectly reliable and practical.

What are the advantages of a self-leveling compound?

Such an underlayment is a readily spreadable solution capable of self-distributing around the perimeter of the room and forming a smooth horizontal surface. They have other advantages:

  • ease of application;
  • obtaining a quick result;
  • accelerated drying time;
  • high plasticity;
  • creating the most durable surface;
  • arrangement of durable underlayment;
  • frost resistance;
  • incombustibility of the finished underlayment;
  • affordable prices;
  • high productivity of works;
  • safety for human health.

Composition of self-levelling underlayment.

We produce a large number of self-leveling mortar mixtures, almost all of them are based on cement or gypsum. Other components that provide flexibility, ductility, strength, etc. are also added to them. Everything depends on the individual requirements of the customer and the technical characteristics of the future covering. Therefore, for each individual project we offer our own option.

The mixture is usually filled with quartz sand, ground limestone of small and large fractions. At the same time, their size depends on the purpose of the mixture: for more complex areas and for coarse underlayments, large fractions are usually chosen, and for finer work - smaller ones.

The composition also introduces modifying additives that help to resist moisture, steam, improve adhesion, and also affect the spreadability, strength and drying speed of the underlayment.

All components of the mixtures are environmentally safe and absolutely harmless to human health. They do not emit any vapors and can be used in any premises: in living rooms, in kitchens, in bathrooms, in public places, etc.

Where is self-levelling underlayment used?

Such underlayments are necessary for leveling and smoothing the floor surface where unevenness can reach from 5 mm to 40 mm. Their high mechanical strength can withstand the abrasion of civilian institutions, shopping malls, etc., so it can be left as a finished floor. Example of its use:

  • creation of new coverings in supermarkets, restaurants, shops, exhibition halls, children's centers, etc.;
  • creation of wear-resistant coverings on concrete surfaces, old plates, ceramic tiles, natural stone;
  • arrangement of floors on chemical, food, textile and other, industrial enterprises, such, where the floor on epoxy basis shall be used;
  • installation of new polymer floors in boutique stores, shops, cosmetic centers and in apartments;
  • installation of micro-cement self-leveling floor in offices, theaters, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

Here you can buy micro cement and be sure that even the most unusual objects will turn into original and beautiful ones!

Wednesday, 02 May 2018 12:18

Stamped or printed concrete for yards or terraces

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Stamped or printed concrete for yards or terraces.

stamped concrete for yards

Patios, driveways, paths and playgrounds are also decorative elements of our living space. Therefore, we want them to look nice and cozy, preferably unlike the others. In order not to spend a lot of energy and finances for the improvement of the yard or terrace, use decorative stamped concrete. This modern material can surprise even the most sophisticated customers. We offer a unique technology for finishing sidewalks, paths, parking lots, yards, stairs in private, commercial and industrial construction from the manufacturer. Take advantage of the profitable offer from "APSE" company!

What is stamped or printed concrete? Why is it called so?

Printed concrete (pressed concrete) or stamped concrete is a new technology for the finishing of horizontal surfaces. Its composition is similar to ordinary concrete, but it is supplemented with special ingredients - chemical substances that give the finished covering the right color and high strength properties. The thickness of the stamped concrete depends on the technical conditions, but it must be at least 100 mm so that further stamping does not weaken it.

It is called stamped due to the way it is applied, which is made by imprinting a matrix with a pattern on the surface. The selected relief pattern is embossed with the help of polyurethane metal stamps. And they can be virtually of any kind. Vegetable patterns, animal skins, brickwork, old stone or cobblestone texture, paving stones, boards, granite or marble, etc. Today, it is possible to produce almost any forms that will transfer the variants of imprints to concrete.

Advantages of stamped concrete for laying in the yard or on the terrace.

The main positive quality is durability. The covering will serve you for many decades thanks to special varnishes and additives, which are responsible for strength, ability to withstand frost, moisture, mechanical influences and other possible aggressions in the open space. This unique material withstands the temperature range from -50 to +500 C, it is not slippery, it does not lose its color, and it tolerates the sunrays. If compared with traditional asphalt and tile coverings, the stamped concrete is substantially more stable and durable.

Paints and pigments give the concrete the necessary color and texture. The designer will do his job confidently and at 100%, as a result your yard will become a part of the paving stone of old London, it will resemble an oak flooring or pebble beach.

Using the technology of stamped concrete, you can complete the work on the object much faster and much more profitable in financial terms in comparison with other coverings. Concrete is poured on the site of installation, so no need to think about transportation and unloading. It is not necessary to make a foundation for it, because it serves both the as a base and fixing covering itself.

Why is it advantageous to buy materials for stamped concrete from the manufacturer "APSE"?

The main direction of our activity is the production of mixtures and components for the arrangement of decorative stamped concrete. If you are interested in purchasing such material at reasonable prices, then we have reasonable and favorable prices from a direct manufacturer.

We produce a wide range of pigments and colorants, which allow you to create unique textures and colors on your terrace. Unique combinations make it possible to make your yard also unique!

We guarantee high quality of the material, because we are one of the leaders of the construction market in Europe. This means that your yard will be environmentally friendly and durable. It can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, because it does not contain substances harmful to the human body.

We can purchase all necessary materials and tools for creating decorative high-quality coverings. Therefore, you do not have to waste time searching for the right products, and buy all at once in one place.

Installation of stamped concrete from high-class professionals.

To save your money, you can use our service of stamped concrete mounting by experienced specialists of our company. Professionals with great possibilities and a wide choice of stamping forms will make your yard unique and beautiful! To confirm their qualification, we offer you a guarantee for our work, the term of which depends on the technical task. Contact us! We will gladly help you to create a guaranteed high-strength and reliable covering of the desired design at the highest level, quickly and efficiently!

Monday, 19 March 2018 13:15

Resin floors in Chips and Flocks

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Flocks, chips for polymer flooring.


Self-leveling floors have recently become very popular due to their unique properties: strength, hygiene, durability, safety and multifunctionality. However, for many interior designers their unique decorative properties are the main reason to use polymer coverings. To create beautiful and unusual floors, flocks and chips of various shapes, sizes and colors are used. We offer you high-quality polymer particles of our own production at the best prices!

What are flocks or chips for self-leveling floors?

If translated from German, it literally means "flakes", and they really are flakes of paint or acrylic particles. They can look differently: circular or irregular in shape, with raised edges, in the form of straws or various geometric shapes. Getting into the base, the chips form beautiful unique patterns on it. Due to the diversity of flocks themselves, the surface may have different colors, and may be different in texture.

What are the advantages of using flocks for polymer floors?

  1. One base may give several different coverings. This method allows you to seriously reduce the time of installation of a multi-colored floor or floor with patterns, as well as a floor of different texture.
  2. Self-leveling floor with chips or flocks is not subject to abrasion and discoloration. Due to the fact that the color of the particles is protected by additional top layers, it practically does not change with time.
  3. The possibility of creating a matte or glossy covering.
  4. This decoration easily masks small raveling and defects of the floor.
  5. Absence of seams, joints and simple care!

Where to use self-leveling floors with flocks?

  • In apartments, private houses.
  • In public places: restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping and entertainment malls, administrative and public buildings, medical institutions.
  • In industrial premises: such a floor will serve for a long time without visible damage and scratches.

How to use chips, flocks, glitters when installing the self-leveling floor?

The easiest way is to scatter the particles evenly over a non-frozen floor surface. In this case, up to 80 grams of material per square meter is used. As a result, we get a discreet economic option.

The standard method involves the uniform distribution of a continuous layer of flocks to produce a saturated pattern. Consumption - up to 150 grams per square meter.

Driving chips into the covering with a pneumatic gun gives a high color density. According to this method, the consumption rate reaches 700 grams per square meter.

By purchasing quality flocks from us, you will be sure that they will not fade, spoil and retain their original appearance for many years and will not require special care. Call us to get the maximum information and to order the most beautiful self-leveling floors!




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