Transparent resin for floors.

ransparent resin

Transparent resin and transparent resin floor based products are used in all sectors. APSE has been engaged in production of transparent resins for over 60 years. As a leader of Italian construction market, we are constantly developing new technologies and perform the research based on analysis of the needs of our clients in this sector. We produce innovative transparent resin based products and improve the existing ones. With us you can buy transparent resin floors and other materials for their application.

Resin floor. How are they made?
The name of this unique material speaks for itself. This type of resin permits the rays of light to pass freely and this is its main advantage. All of its components resin and hardener) are transparent: this way you can use them to create floors of any colour and destination. With the help of special components added to the mesh, we get different characteristics depending on our clients requirements. This way,  APSE transparent resin prevents colour of the floor from fading out and from getting yellowish, and helps maintain the original look throughout the whole duration of the floor.

The use of transparent resin.
Transparent resin has two main destinations of use: floors and decorative objects. Regarding the first, you can create a surface of any desired colour or design. On request you can order a floor with 3D images or photographs, choose the right colour and texture of the coating for public places or industrial use. The second option offers a variety of transparent or coloured decorative objects. Please, check our selection of materials for transparent resin floors. Order this material from us, and you will save not only on price, but you will get a high quality product. As manufacturers, we guarantee  the most convenient price with no extras. Our strong reputation on the market is the result of extremely high quality of our products.

Advantages of APSE transparent resin.
Transparent resin is a key component to create resin floors. It allows you to fix all 3D details of a decorative coating and mask all the defects. It does not distort the image, and creates any collage or geometric design and fixes it firmly. In addition, while other materials tend to change their colour, transparent resin does not get yellowish over time. Our experts have achieved this effect throughout continuous improvement of a resin mesh compositions and a continuous research in this area.

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