Necessary materials and application of industrial screed.

industrial screed

Flooring is an integral part of an efficient production plant and must meet specific requirements: surface regularity, resistance to chemical stress and wear, anti-static properties, maintenance and cleaning without use of special equipment and a long life. The screed represents the most important layer of an industrial floor as it has to hold the heavy loads.

At our company you can buy all the materials needed to apply a high quality screed. In addition, we are able to offer you not only the best prices directly from the manufacturer but also a skilled technicians who will apply the screed quickly and efficiently!

The characteristics of industrial screeds.

  1. Straighten the surface. The screed is the basis for any kind of flooring and serves to cover the defects of the ground.
  2. Make all floor irregularities homogeneous if a surface presents defects. The screed is able to cover any cracks, seams, joints and holes.
  3. Waterproof. Materials that are used to protect against moisture are covered with a protective screed.
  4. Compatibility with the heat insulating system. This protects the floor from temperature fluctuations to create a comfortable climate.
  5. Can be applied directly on any material to level the old floor without having to demolish it.
  6. The screed is also used to cover the wiring. Just provide our technicians with the cabling plan and they will do all the work in the best possible way.
  7. Usable for both residential and industrial areas. With the use of the screed, it is possible to make smooth and regular surfaces in production facilities, in public catering facilities or in any residential building.
  8. Resistance to extreme temperatures. Industrial screed can also be used outdoors without any damage from atmospheric events. It will be a good base for parking floors, garages and warehouses.

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