Modern resin floors from manufacture.

cucina moderna resina

Resin floors became very popular in modern design. This monolithic, reliable flooring can solve many problems immediately. It has hygienic properties, is resistant to physical, mechanical and thermal influences, is completely safe for health and easy to care for.

Using high-tech resin coating for finishing the floor, you can replace any material that you knew before. Resin floors will last much longer without the need for permanent restoration or replacement.

APSE resin floors – it is profitable and reliable!

APSE company offers you modern resin flooring of the highest quality of own production. We are one of the leaders in the European market for the production of epoxy and polyurethane resins, industrial and decorative resin floors, microcement, as well as epoxy hardeners. The entire range of our products fully satisfies the construction market for floor finishing. Our success lies in the constant research in this field in our own laboratory. This is an opportunity for a deep study of the sector of modern chemical and building materials requirements. The products developed by our specialists allow us to satisfy the market completely and create popular materials.

The advantages of resin floors from «APSE».

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The modern world seeks for safety, and even more serious demands are put forward the finishing materials. Our resin flooring meet all the criteria that are imposed not only by world standards, but also by ordinary consumers. Our floor is a unique monolithic coating that has many positive characteristics.

  1. Easy care. Poured floor with epoxy base is easy to clean. To care for it is much easier than for wooden or parquet coverings. If it is an industrial enterprise or a public organization, then it is easier to keep such a floor clean and in good condition, for example, in a pharmaceutical company or in a kindergarten.
  2. Sharp changes in temperature conditions do not affect the resin floor in any way. Our developers have made sure that it contains those necessary components that prevent cracking and destruction of the coating in the winter in an unheated room. It is very convenient for open warehouses, shops with hot substances.
  3. Monolithicity completely closes the issue of destruction due to the ingress of debris into the seams or joints. And this again emphasizes the high hygiene of the flooring and its reliability.
  4. High wear resistance performance is one of the main advantages of resin floor from APSE. Our floor can be safely laid in production departments, garages, warehouses, as well as in rooms with a large concentration of people. The floor will not change its physical or esthetic performance due to vibrations, constant walking, mechanical loads or the falling of heavy objects. Even in case if some cracks or dents will appear, a simple restoration only in the place of damage, can be carried out quickly and simply, without a complete replacement of the coating.
  5. Resin floors are resistant to chemical exposure, including solutions of acids, alkalis and food liquids. That's why our floor is bought by food, pharmaceutical companies and others, whose production is associated with aggressive chemicals.
  6. Excellent waterproofing. Using resin floors from APSE, you can be sure that your bathroom will not pass a single drop of water, you can swim safely in the pool, and such a cover is simply irreplaceable for the kitchen.
  7. Unlimited design capabilities - such coverage can take any form you need. If this is a children's institution, then why shouldn't we equip it with a beautiful floor with pictures from children's fairy tales? And for a prestigious office building, a restrained design in cool tones would be just perfect.
  8. Environmental safety and safety for human health. Such a floor does not emit any harmful substances into the world around it, even if the temperature rises, it becomes wet or during operation. There will be no unpleasant and harmful dust in the room, pollution will not accumulate in the seams or on the surface. That is why our resin floors are ordered by companies for warehouses where there is a high probability of high dustiness or for children's institutions, where an ideal atmosphere is needed.
  9. Resin floors are a profitable deal for owners or even tenants of industrial and warehouse buildings. You do not have to overpay: for any type of room, you can choose the optimal polymer epoxy floor, focusing on the design load and the specificity of its operation. And since we are manufacturers, the whole complex, starting from the materials and finishing with the installation of the floor, we can offer you at the best price!
  10. Our experts have the highest qualifications and extensive experience in working with resin floors. Our gallery of works includes both industrial, residential, and public organizations. All our specialists have certification, and they comply with all technical standards and technological protocols. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get quality resin floors!

Modern resin floors for apartments, for interior use.

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Resin floors in the apartment is one of the most popular types of flooring. The fact that such a coating has very high aesthetic properties and can satisfy any design requirements is also important.

Why resin floors for interior use from brand APSE is the right solution?

We offer you the opportunity to replace the floor in your apartment or office quickly and with the best aesthetic qualities. Our company is one of the leaders of the European market of finishing materials, working since 1964, we have created many products that completely replaced the traditional coatings. The resin floors are our pride, they are able to satisfy the wishes of any customer, and everyone will find a solution for their flooring with us! We create innovative materials of the highest quality, and formulate new technologies for their installation.

Advantages of resin flooring from APSE for indoor use:

  1. We offer several solutions for this floor: 3D decorative floor, colored flooring and transparent resin flooring. We work on the technical parameters of our customers and we find our own option for each of them.
  2. The floor from «APSE» is cost-effective. We are manufacturers and therefore we have the most reasonable prices for the buyer. Discounts for wholesale purchases and interesting discount programs for wholesale customers are always available for you.
  3. The ability to save on the complex order of the resin floor on turnkey basis. Highly professional masters will carry out all work on floor equipment at the highest level. And you do not have to search separately for the installation team and materials, you can buy all this from us!
  4. Our resin floor creates a perfectly flat surface.
  5. Our resin floors have high strength and durability. They easily tolerate mechanical damage or exposure to corrosive chemicals.
  6. We can develop absolutely any design! Your creativity will find its solutions here! Our resin floors are suitable for all design styles!
  7. Easy to use and practical. Our floor does not need any special approach, it is easily and quickly cleaned.
  8. Absolutely environmentally friendly. The non-toxic structure of polymers and all other components makes it possible to operate it in internal premises and not to be afraid of the health of its inhabitants.
  9. Moisture resistance, fire safety, hygiene - all these qualities are very important for a private house, and for any public place.
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