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Epoxy resins are the most versatile in the resin family. They have all the features required for use in building: excellent mechanical and electrical properties, fast hardening, solidity and long life. We, the V&V company, represent APSE brand. The company was founded by Riccardo Vavassori in Ciserano in 1964. Nowadays APSE is the leader in Italy in terms of production of epoxy and polyurethane resins, industrial and decorative self levelling floors and floor hardeners. The key to our company's success is the constant research and development of innovative products in the field of construction. Thanks to the high quality of its products, the company holds a leadership position on the market.

Where are epoxy resins used?

Of all types of resins, epoxy materials can provide the best performance in surface smoothing. They are used as a basic component in the production of many different materials, which are used in various fields:

  • shipbuilding;
  • aerospace engineering;
  • building:. for self levelling floors, paints and varnishes, glues, abrasive materials, sealants, etc .;
  • in electromechanical and radio engineering, such as cardboard sealers and fillers for devices.

We present high quality epoxy resins at the best price. In our company you will find a wide range of products and a European approach.

Characteristics of epoxy resins.

The chemical structure of epoxy resins is formed by the oligomeric synthetic components, which are produced by the condensation process of polyhydric phenols with epoxy substances. Epoxy resin is never used in its original form: its main properties come into action only in combination with hardeners.

This substance is capable of creating materials with completely different characteristics. Thus, they can be both gum and hard and tough. It depends on the ratio between the resin and the hardener.

Epoxy resin is able to withstand the following agents:

  • acid;
  • alkaline;
  • halogen;
  • thermal;
  • UV rays;
  • water;
  • mechanic;
  • electric, etc.

Epoxy resin has a high level of adhesion to various materials. It adheres firmly to concrete, glass, metal.

Epoxy resins and floor application.

Self levelling epoxy floors are robust, solid and durable. They are completely harmless to the environment and human health. In addition, with the help of epoxy resins you can create 3D self-levelling floors and embody any creative idea of your designer. Epoxy resin self levelling floors have high hygienic properties, solidity and long durability, thanks to which they are widely used in schools and nurseries, as well as in hospitals.

Epoxy resins presented in our range are the integral part of self levelling floor meshes. Therefore, we offer high quality transparent epoxy resins for self levelling floors and much more.

Epoxy resins and primering of the surfaces.

We present you an epoxy primer which helps to prepare the surface before applying the paint or other coatings. The most important advantage is the high adhesion of the primer to almost all surfaces: ceramics, metal, glass, concrete, etc. It is possible to use the primer immediately without further preparation: it is ready for use.

We offer several types of epoxy primers: mono-component, surface shavers, and two-component, ideal for self leveling floors. Both have a high performance, European quality and favorable prices directly from the manufacturer.

The benefits of epoxy resin for self leveling floors.

Epoxy resin is often used due to its characteristics. It hardens quickly and creates a solid, easy-to-maintain and mechanical stress-resistant coating. In addition, epoxy resin can be rubbed down and hence the original appearance of the floor can easily be restored.

Transparent epoxy resin is widely used by designers, as it allows to customize the floor by creating endless amounts of textures and special effects such as the ability to host an image. Unlike other materials, it does not overlap the inserted image, it gives it depth, creating magical 3D effect. These good looking coatings are, however, very durable and remain smooth and shiny for many years giving their owners the feeling of having a new floor as if they were just laid.

How to work with epoxy resin.

If you decide to use epoxy resin as a coating, we must warn you about the precautions to be taken because of the toxicity of the product.

  1. The workplace must be well ventilated. The access to the room will be forbidden for a few days after the application of the floor.
  2. Always use a mask with organic vapour filter.
  3. If the epoxy resin comes into contact with the skin, considering the rapidity of hardening, immediately clean it with alcohol and then rinse with lukewarm water and soap.
  4. Pay attention to the splashes: If the resin comes into contac with the mucous membrane, contact your doctor immediately.

Epoxy resins. Prices. Epoxy resins directly from the manufacturer.

To achieve a solid floor with the desired effect, epoxy resin must be of high quality. In our company, the whole range is made up of certified Made in Italy quality products. We are leaders on the European market and all our products possess quality certificates.

As official representatives of the manufacturer,we can ensure you that APSE epoxy resins comply with all manufacturing technologies and meet the international quality standards with the complete certification support needed.

We offer competitive prices thanks to direct deliveries from Europe without having to contact retailers who surely inflow prices. We also have a flexible discount system for our regular customers, which is a great advantage  of dealing with us. We will help you to satisfy all your desires in the world of design!

You can buy our epoxy resins in just a few clicks: just select the desired item and complete the order through the request form. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the necessary information and we will help you make your order by phone or email.

Epoxy resins for the decoration of your home offer great opportunities to create unique interior design and embody the most original ideas for your home!

Epoxy resin self levelling floors.

This type of self leveling floors is one of the varieties of polymer-based coatings. Nowadays customers have been frequently contacting our company to order epoxy resin self levelling floors. They have gained popularity due to the versatility of the material that can be used both for civil and industrial . In our range of products you will find a variety of epoxy resins depending on the characteristics required. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for more info and customized estimates of both materials and labour.

Epoxy resin self levelling floors. How did we begin?

The first epoxy resin coatings were projected for industrial plants. They are very much demanded in warehouses, factories and stores, in service stations and garages, wherever long life and strength of the coating are required.

But thanks to continued research in APSE's laboratories, we made it possible to use epoxy floor also in residential areas. Presently, resin coatings have become safer for health and environment and continue to be refined by our researchers. In addition, epoxy resins give complete freedom to fantasy thanks to infinite amount of decorative effects that help embody to the most daring ideas.

Epoxy floors. Advantages.

Epoxy resin floors have very high resistance to mechanical and chemical stress, they are easy to clean and restore. Thanks to these features, this type of coating is widely used in industrial plants, manufacturing and other industries, where there is a need for a durable and versatile floor. It is also widely used for living rooms, such as bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, and so on.

One of the main advantages of epoxy floors is their practicality. Their maintenance is easy. From a hygienic point of view this type of floor has no rivals as it has no joints and does not favour the  propagation of bacteria and pathogenic flora. Even a simple cleaning with soap and water guarantees 100% disinfection. This is a key feature that makes them particularly useful for medical facilities.

Thanks to their waterproof and water repellent properties, they are also a perfect solution for the kindergartens and schools. In addition, epoxy coating is totally safe for health, does not release unpleasant odours and harmful gases and does not interact with chemicals. This is confirmed by certificates of conformity to European requirements, which can be provided for view on request.

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