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If you are tired of a continuous changing or renovating of the old industrial floor, we recommend you our self levelling floors. We have designed them for specific cases in which a conventional coating cannot hold the heaviest loads and effectively withstand mechanical stress. We have been working with self levelling floors for many years and our craftsmen have obtained a professional specialization that allows them to perform a flawless application service. Order our  industrial self levelling floors and get a product that will fully justify all the expenses and will pay back with interests!

Types of industrial floors.

Polyurethane. Their advantages: light appearance, possibility to save costs due to the high density of the material. Polyurethane coatings, unlike the epoxy ones, better withstand mechanical stress, but at the same time do not resist aggressive chemical solutions. But there is a very important advantage of such coatings: they tolerate well rough temperature changes, so they are often used in refrigerated warehouses or in industrial cold rooms. They are also used for places with a necessity of a solid, practical and resistant to mechanical stress floor.

Epoxy. This type of flooring is functional, comfortable, durable and easy to use. It is an ideal solution for chemical industry, where there is a probability of interaction with chemicals. Epoxy self levelling floors are often preferred to the other ones due to their resistance to any type of aggressive substances.

Polyconcrete. Such a coating is the most solid among self levelling floors thanks to quartz sand or other components that increases the solidity of the floor added to a polymer based mesh. Each polymer layer is enriched with additives thanks to which the floor acquires a greater resistance to loads in addition to its non-slip properties. Furthermore, this coating does not accumulate dust, which is very important for the warehouses with high handling loads.

It is possible to create different types of self levelling floors for industrial use, with  help of various additives and meshes, which donate different qualities such as resistance to frost or fire, antistatic effect and total waterproofing.

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