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APSE is one of the largest producers of concrete and mortars on the Italian market. We have production facilities that allow us to satisfy the demand not only of the European, but also of the Africa, Asia market etc. Our company offers you the following benefits:

  •  Made in Italy quality materials;
  • Great value for money, both for professional and private customers;
  • Quick and accurate delivery;
  • Cooperation between companies according to global standards;
  • Constant development and upgrading of the range of materials;
  • High professionalism of our employees and managers;
  • Trust of renowned partners, European customers and consumers.

We offer a wide range of concretes and mortars, high quality materials, essential for the production of meshes for any use. Geographically, we are both in Ukraine and Italy, but we arrange delivery all over the Europe. Our production plants allow us to offer our customers competitive prices for high quality concrete.


What are concrete and mortar?


When you decide to restore a bathroom, a kitchen or a hall, the most important moment is the old floor replacement. Nowadays it is no longer necessary to wait a month or even two before the works are done. Special mortars or clays for DIY can be more than enough. The great advantage of these products is that they minimize application times and reduce residues and dirt. The ease of use and the highest quality  make it easy to apply the tiles or to level the floor in the best possible way.


What are the key components of APSE mortars and concretes?


It is a mix of artificial and synthetic materials, perfectly matched to fully satisfy the required qualities. Choosing the right blend is the key to the success of any renovation, it can therefore determine the strength and durability of both floor coats and wall plasters.
The main components of APSE concrete meshes are cement, silica, mineral fillers, solid inserts, metal planing, resistant dyes and polymeric materials that give particular physical properties to the entire material.

Where are APSE concretes and mortars used?

Our entire range of products has a wide variety of materials with different viscosity, flexibility, hardening and solidity. These features are fundamental for their use, such as for flooring for an industrial plant or a warehouse. Here, the material will be exposed to frequent thermal changes and continuous mechanical stress. These materials can be used both for creation of new coatings and for restoring the existing ones. In addition, the adhesion of the material is so high that no dismantling of the old floor is required. We also offer floor coatings, which can also be used in residential areas, matching perfectly with any design as their colour solutions are unlimited. We also undertake a selection of plasters, ideal for levelling the walls or as base layer for painting. It is worth noting that the majority of  our meshes have waterproofing properties and can also be used in rooms with high humidity levels such as bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, etc. We invite you to find out all our material proposals in the Products section.

Concrete and mortar by APSE.

Concretes: Sferodur Katalitic and Apsequarz Katalitic, concrete based mortar, premixed, reinforced with structural expanded polymeric fibers, resistant to aggressive environmental agents. Ideal for rooms with frequent thermal swings: warehouses, industrial plants, etc.

Hardeners: Sferodur FA, Sferodur FP, Apsequarz. These are mineral-based aggregates based on selected ready-to-use quartz, designed to produce anti-wear layers. Ideal for premises with constant mechanical stress and heavy loads.

Meshes that increase the mechanical resistance of the surface to abrasion. : Apsecor N / S, Cormetal, Metalquarz, Sferoidalquarz. They are prepared considering all the features of the room where they are going to be used. They donate resistance to mechanical stress, to frequent heavy machinery traffic and the anti-wear effect.

Floor coatings and surface hardeners: APSEQUARZ TOP, APSEPAV TOP, SOPHILOP TOP, MARMOR TOP, APSECOR TOP N / S, METALQUARZ TOP, ANCOR ALI TOP. They all have different characteristics, but each of the them is able to provide the highest quality and durability to your future coating.

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