Floors for outdoors!

floors for outdoors

The choice of the right floor for outdoors requires a special approach. It is necessary to take into account temperature changes, humidity, exposure to direct UV rays and wind, as well as resistance to stains and mechanical stress. When choosing a coating for a playground, you should think of a good-looking, but at the same time solid and safe for children's health flooring.

The climatic characteristics of the area where the floor will be applied should be considered as well. If the coating is intended to be applied in northern areas, where there is a high probability of frost, it is necessary to buy the most solid materials. Speaking about the areas with frequent precipitations, the best option would be a waterproof coating. Non-slip properties, easy maintenance and the ability to prevent the spread of microorganisms on their surface are also the characteristics which should not be taken for granted.

APSE offers a wide range of resin and printed concrete coatings for outdoors. Both products will surprise you, not only because of their solidity and durability, but also thanks to their good looking appearance.

APSE resin floors for external use.

The technology, developed by our company helps us to produce coatings for outdoors that last over years. They do no crack, do not fade, they are very durable and can be used in rooms with different destinations: from floors of garages and gyms to playgrounds for children and stadiums. A specially developed formula with mineral components and a high-quality resin, ensures the long life and wear resistance of the coating. And this is exactly what you need for your outdoor coating.

The advantages APSE resin floors for outdoors:

  1. wear resistance;
  2. resistance to temperature changes;
  3. resistance to abrasion and impacts;
  4. non-slip property;
  5. hygiene and easy cleaning;
  6. smooth and continuous surface;
  7. do not emit harmful substances;
  8. quick and easy to apply;
  9. easy maintenance;
  10. wide range of colours and textures;
  11. applicable without demolishing the old surface;
  12. more than 10 years of duration.

Our craftsmen perform the application service of resin coatings for surfaces of any size, destination and condition. We guarantee the high quality execution of all the works. We offer you a wide range of solid coatings that will fully meet your expectations. Perfect for kindergartens and schools, open terraces, industrial areas, construction sites or tennis courts, they dramatically reduce the risk of trauma.

APSE resin floors are the original and modern solution for outdoors!

APSE printed concrete floors for outdoors.

printed concrete floor

This type of flooring is an ideal solution if are searching for coating made of  natural materials but at the same time with minimum of defects. We are able to offer you a concrete coating for terrace which will have the appearance of wood. Printed concrete is able to perfectly imitate other materials that your guests probably will not notice any difference. This coating will donate a fascinating look to your home exteriors.

The advantages of APSE printed outdoor coatings:

  1. wide selection of colours and textures;
  2. solidity, this kind of floors can be used for areas near the pool, garage etc.;
  3. resistance to different types of stress, temperature and humidity changes ;
  4. does not require periodic maintenance;
  5. hygiene: does not gather dust and dirt and does not contribute to the development of pathogenic flora;
  6. price-wise: as producers we always offer much lower prices than our competitors;
  7. quick and easy application;
  8. safety for human health and environment.

Why to choose us:

  • We possess all certificates of compliance and all the necessary permits, confirming the quality and durability of  our products.
  • We guarantee an individual approach to each client, taking into account all the characteristics of the project, demands and specific needs.
  • We have a wide range of materials in order to create a coating with colour, shape, design and size chosen and approved by our clients.
  • You can buy an outdoor floor on favourable terms, using a flexible system of discounts.
  • Application service of high quality durable coatings with easy maintenance.

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