Concrete floors for interiors from APSE

Concrete floors for interiors! Concrete floors are a…

Concretes from Apse

Concretes. APSE is one of the largest producers…

Colored concrete flooring at great price

Coloured concrete floors from manufactures APSE. Concrete floors,…

Glossy concrete floor at great price

Polished concrete floors from manufacture APSE! Polished concrete…

Concrete floors!

concrete floor

Concrete is the ideal material for floors in terms of durability, solidity and practicality. Our company is the main Italian manufacturer of building materials and we offer high quality concrete floors. We are market leaders, who value their reputation and take care of their customers by producing high-quality materials, totally safe for health and environment.

Concrete floor: Universal coating.

This type of flooring is very versatile. It will last for many years used both indoors and outdoors. Hygienic, safe for health and good looking, it will be a perfect solution for any apartment. The resistance to rough temperature changes, high humidity levels and direct UV rays make it indispensable on the terrace or in the garden. In addition, regardless of where it is applied it will be an excellent solution for those who love cleanliness and order. Concrete floors are extremely easy to clean. Use hot water and traditional detergents for heavy dirt and a broom or brush for dusting.

APSE concrete floors, original design.

We guarantee an individual approach to every customer. We take into account all specific demands regarding each project. Our concrete floors can satisfy all customers needs. Matt or shiny, smooth or textured, of any colour or shade, all of these options provide unlimited possibilities to customize the interior design of your home. We pay special attention to the unique features of the project, the needs of our customers and the conditions of the existing surface or screed. As manufacturers, we have a rich selection of colours and textures for any taste.

APSE concrete floors, unique technology.

We have been engaged in concrete production for many years and we can say with confidence that this material satisfies all modern requirements. It can be applied on any surface and create a very resistant coating and at the same time meet your requirements from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Thanks to our innovative technologies we can make it more elastic or hard depending on your requirements. We can also create a specific concrete mesh that will correspond exactly to your needs. All of our concrete meshes contain components that facilitate material adhesion to any surface, and allow to create multiple decorative effects. They also increase the resistance to mechanical stress, and provide protection against infiltration and abrasion.

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