Resin floorings for the food industry.

floor of the food industry

The floors of the food industries must comply with the specific hygienic laws. The ideal floor for this type of application is resistant, durable, easy to clean and disinfect and does not absorb UV rays. Our company offers high quality resin floorings for food production facilities. We closely follow all the changes in the regulations in order to guarantee our customers the products in full compliance with all the standards and personal requirements. Our skilled craftsmen will carry out the application process of food industry floors for your company in a best way.

The main advantages of resin floorings for the food industry.

  1. Sustainability: All the materials used must be certified for use in the food industry.
  2. Resistance to heavy loads without harm, as in most production areas there is an important traffic of trucks and other vehicles.<
  3. Thermal impact resistance. They are a great solution for both refrigerators and kitchens.
  4. Resistance to chemical agents. Food industry resin floors tolerate well the contact with oils or acids.
  5. Moisture and steam resistance, which are quite common in restaurants, cafes and kitchens.
  6. Non-slip properties comply with safety requirements.
  7. Smooth and continuous surface, completely free of joints, prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt, and pathogenic flora in areas of food processing.
  8. Simplicity and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Resin floors have a high index of hygiene and do not require the use of cleaning equipment.
  9. Anti-static properties prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt build-up, helping to keep the floor clean.
  10. Great value for money. An epoxy resin flooring for the food industry has a long life and you will not have to make any subsequent investments for its maintenance.
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