Epoxy resin self levelling floors from Apse

Self levelling floors.

self levelling floor

Self levelling floors are designed to make the base for the future floor smooth and even. The application technology of this type of coating is the result of modern construction technologies that allow the blend to spontaneously level i.e. to do all the dirty work for you. In addition, this option has many advantages over traditional concrete solutions: self levelling floors are much more solid and durable, waterproof, prevent the propagation of pathogenic flora, and resist to mechanical and chemical stress.

These floors are one of the production lines of  APSE, the Italian manufacturing company, founded in 1964, which performs a continuous research in its laboratories, developing innovative materials and technologies for their use. The company has gained a leading position on the market in terms of production of meshes for self levelling floors. We offer our customers an excellent European quality and a wide choice of innovative technologies.


Self levelling floor. Which are the benefits?


self levelling industrial floor

A self levelling coating has several advantages over traditional coatings. But its price is not one of them, because it is generally a little more expensive than traditional solutions. Its application is also not one of the easiest because it requires a specialized workforce. The real benefit is that all the expenses incurred are reimbursed in terms of durability over time as well as of its qualitative characteristics. You do not have to wait for weeks to have the floor ready for use, you can use it directly after 24-48 hours at good temperatures.

Self levelling floors are waterproof and no condensation or steam penetrate their surface. Their hygienic properties prevent the propagation of bacteria on their surface, which means that it is completely safe for health and can be used in kindergartens, schools, hospitals and polytechnic surgeries .

Its surface is smooth and continuous, it does not lose its pleasing appearance over the years even if exposed to frequent foot traffic or heavy loads.

Given the high resistance and durability over time, it is difficult to find a material that can compete with it. With a wide selection of European high quality products directly from the manufacturer and market leader, you can furnish your home or office in the best way!

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