Resin floor for terraces is the ideal solution.

pavimento resina terrazza

The choice of flooring for a terrace is a very important step. The main task is to create a comfortable area where you can not only spend your free time with family and friends, but also to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, it requires a quality floor that can withstand all weather conditions and heavy loads. Our artisans have a rich experience and will help you create a cozy corner on your terrace. By buying the turnkey solution you can get a really competitive price directly from the manufacturer.

The resin terrace is an optimal solution, which corresponds to a specific list of requirements. So why are there more and more people who are opting for resin flooring for exterior verandas and courtyards?

Advantages resin floor for terraces.

  1. Antifreeze properties. This feature is guaranteed due to low water absorption - up to 3%. The resin is not soaked with water, which is why it does not freeze at low temperatures and does not damage the coating.
  2. Moisture resistance. The outside terrace is often subjected to rain, but the resin is water-repellent, and does not favor water collection on the floor surface.
  3. Duration in time. Any outdoor coating is expected to have a higher resistance to the indoor one. In other words, no environmental impact should ruin or devastate it. The resin can withstand any kind of stress and lasts much longer than any other type of coating. It does not need to be changed every 2-3 years, stuffed or impregnated as in case of wooden floor.
  4. Low abrasion. This characteristic indicates how the floor will appear on your terrace in one year. The resin also resists the heaviest loads and therefore will not change its appearance for a long time, even in public places.
  5. Anti-slip properties. This is an important quality for people's safety. When it comes to cold seasons with low temperatures, the floor covered with ice will not bring you joy. Using a resin floor on the terrace is comfortable at any time of the year.
  6. UV resistance. On the terrace, even in the presence of a tent, the sun goes in anyway. In order not to compromise on colour intensity, opt for a resin coating, which has a high degree of protection against UV rays and helps preserve colour for a long time.
  7. We produce resins for terraces using the most modern technology to guarantee you a nice but also a safe floor that will last you a lifetime!

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