Stamped concrete.

stamped concrete

Modern construction technologies are really able to surprise and stamped concrete is one of the most innovative APSE products. This material has been developed to create a solid and durable surfaces. The technology employed in the creation of stamped concrete is unique and, thanks to it, the quality of the product is higher than that of the other coatings. We are leaders of the construction market, and we offer an exceptional quality stamped concrete at the best price.

APSE stamped concrete benefits.

This unique material has become incredibly wide spread thanks to the following outstanding qualities.

  1. Unlimited design and colour solutions. During the process of printed concrete floor pouring it is possible to create a large number of shapes, textures and colour effects. We are able to offer a wide range of surfaces suitable for various styles and needs.
  2. Long durability and solidity. Printed concrete is able to create a coating that tolerates well even the most intense mechanical stress. It is a perfect solution for highways, streets, alleys, driveways, side walks and floors for showrooms, lobbies, and residential areas. We have gained  a considerable experience in application of concrete coatings in various areas.
  3. Tolerance to various climatic conditions. Thanks to special components that, according to our innovative technology, can be added to the meshes, a printed concrete floor acquires extraordinary properties that allow it to withstand adverse weather conditions. Therefore, this type of coating is resistant to extreme temperatures, high humidity levels and direct exposure to UV rays.
  4. Easy maintenance. Printed concrete floor does not require the use of special equipment. It can be easily cleaned with warm water and traditional detergents.
  5. Best value for money. Being manufacturers and suppliers, we offer the lowest prices. In addition, if you order the floor along with the application service, you earn twice: you will have your Made in Italy turnkey solution in rapid times.
  6. Quick application. Our team of professional craftsmen perform the application service of  printed concrete floors for various destinations. Check a gallery of completed projects available on our website.
  7. Nice look along the whole duration of the floor. Printed concrete is ideal for heavy loads. During the application it undergoes a special treatment through which thanks to added components it becomes particularly solid and resistant. Thanks to a special formula these floors tolerate well all kinds of mechanical stress.
  8. Smooth and continuous surface. Printed concrete allows you to create a perfectly homogeneous, monolithic and  indestructible coating. Free of joints it does not contribute to the development of microorganisms and bacteria on its surface etc.
  9. Easy and fast renovation of the old surface. Printed concrete can be applied directly on the screed or old coating thanks to its high adhesion. The only requirement is that the base should be solid.

stamped concrete

If you are looking for reliable and practical solutions, printed stamped floor is what you need. APSE offers the widest range of decorative solutions and the application service: it allows you to make your wishes come true and create your ideal interior design, without any hassle! Contact us!

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