Industrial concrete floors!

industrial concrete floor

Tired of a continuous renovation and replacing of the floors of your industrial facilities? We advise you to rely on our modern technology and choose APSE concrete coatings. Our innovative technologies permit the application of concrete floors in production halls where they are exposed to heavy loads, continuous mechanical stress, and require special resistance during machinery traffic. Our concrete floors are one of the flagship products of our company. All of our materials are at the peak of demand on the construction market, and we are constantly working in our laboratories to be able to improve their exceptional qualities. Order our industrial concrete floors, and all the costs will be paid back!

The advantages of APSE industrial floors are obvious:

  • do not require continuous renovation;
  • smooth and continuous surface, with high antistatic property;
  • high resistance to heavy loads, machinery traffic and mechanical and physical stress.

Advantages of APSE industrial concrete floors.

We produce poly concrete based floors. This type of coatings is superior to its rivals in terms of quality but it lacks all of their disadvantages. It has obtained a lot of special qualities due to the addition of quartz sand or other components, which enhance the solidity of the floor, to the polymeric base.

All of the floor layers contain special elements, which give it greater resistance to mechanical stress, non-slip and antistatic properties. The latter are particularly important in rooms with continuous foot and product traffic.

We are engaged in constant research and development of different types of coatings with specific properties. They contain additives and special components that donate them different qualities, such as frost resistance, fireproof, anti-static or absolute impermeability.

A major advantage of our concrete floors is a convenient price. We have a flexible system of discounts for direct customers, which guarantees the best prices for your industrial floors.

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