The floors in stone washed.

stone washed floor

The stone is the most solid and durable material for floor coatings. Our company offers to your attention a range of building meshes to create stone floors, consisting of a mix of natural and synthetic components completely ready for use. It is no longer necessary to search for the correct colour of the tiles, make the laborious preparation of the screed and wait for long to get a floor ready for use: modern building meshes allow you to apply stone floors easily and without extra costs.

Advantages of stone washed floors.

Stone floors are considered to be the most resistant. Their quality characteristics are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers: their durability and the ability to resist to abrasion and mechanical stress make them more solid and reliable.

Stone floors can be applied in any room, on any surface in the courtyard, on the terrace, in apartment and office, anywhere you want. Stone floors are ideal for places with continuous foot traffic or heavy loads. They tolerate rough temperature changes and atmospheric agents, which makes them essential for outdoors. APSE stone floors can be realized using any colour, texture and decorative effect, without any limit to interior design solutions . Stone floors do not require frequent maintenance and polishing, and retain their lustre and charm for a long time. In addition, they are easy to clean. Use soap and warm water and your floor will shine again with its original colours.

APSE stone washed floors.

Poliglass Mono - stone washed floors are solid and durable, resistant to UV rays, humidity and precipitation and do not change their properties even at low temperatures. Thanks to the one-component aliphatic polyurethane binder they can be easily used as coatings for outdoors, in the courtyards, as they are compatible with drainage systems.

Addimix Color is a mesh of cement, paint, special components, additives and synthetic fibres created for stone coatings. With its help it is possible to create a stone floor that will last for many years without losing its look. Please, visit our Products section to get more info on peculiarities of stone floors.

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