Coloured concrete floors from manufactures APSE.

concrete cement floor

Concrete floors, until now, were used only as coatings for industrial facilities or in loft style. Thanks to the latest innovations in the field of decorative materials, today we have unlimited possibilities to create beautiful and elegant interior designs in both residential and public areas. Our company goes hand in hand with the trends of the design world and offers a wide range of colours and shades for concrete floors. We are constantly committed to the application of new technologies that enable us to offer our customers the best products on the market. Our qualified technicians are also available for an excellent service at the best price.

Variants and possibilities of coloured concrete flooring.

If you are a creative person, coloured concrete will be your impetus for new ideas. With this modern material you will be able to create a unique design without spending exaggerated amounts of money. Why? Because of its high adhesion, coloured concrete can be applied directly to the old coating. So you will not need to do the tedious demolition work and save you time and finances.

The decorative solutions of coloured concrete are infinite. There is no need to follow any rule. You can create not only a practical floor but also personalize it according to your imagination, fulfilling your desire for creativity.

Minimalism and simplicity are your style? Then we advise you to perform a concrete floor in light colours and add some pieces of simple furniture in the same colour but with different shades.

The floor can become the central figure of the whole environment. This effect is achieved thanks to the use of different colours, with inserts of geometric elements or subdivision of the floor into zones. To highlight the floor, use the same colour scheme to connect it to one of the walls or other elements of furniture.

The main advantages of the coloured concrete floors: thickness of 2-3 mm, exclusivity, resistance, ease of maintenance, possibility of creating a customized design.

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