Epoxy resin self levelling floors.

epoxy resin self levelling floor

This type of self levelling floors is one of the varieties of polymer-based coatings. Nowadays customers have been  frequently contacting our company to order epoxy resin self levelling floors. They have gained popularity due to the versatility of the material that can be used both for civil and industrial . In our range of products you will find a variety of epoxy resins depending on the characteristics required. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for more info and customized estimates of both materials and labour.

Epoxy resin self levelling floors. How did we begin?

The first epoxy resin coatings were projected for industrial plants. They are very much demanded in warehouses, factories and stores, in service stations and garages, wherever long life and strength of the coating are required.

But thanks to continued research in APSE's laboratories, we made it possible to use epoxy floor also in residential areas. Presently, resin coatings have become safer for health and environment and continue to be refined by our researchers. In addition, epoxy resins give complete freedom to fantasy thanks to infinite amount of decorative effects that help embody to the most daring ideas.


Epoxy floors. Advantages.


Epoxy resin floors have very high resistance to mechanical and chemical stress, they are easy to clean and restore. Thanks to these features, this type of coating is widely used in industrial plants, manufacturing and other industries, where there is a need for a durable and versatile floor. It is also widely used for living rooms, such as bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, and so on.

One of the main advantages of epoxy floors is their practicality. Their maintenance is easy. From a hygienic point of view this type of floor has no rivals as it has no joints and does not favour the  propagation of bacteria and pathogenic flora. Even a simple cleaning with soap and water guarantees 100% disinfection. This is a key feature that makes them particularly useful for medical facilities.

Thanks to their waterproof and water repellent properties, they are also a perfect solution for the kindergartens and schools. In addition, epoxy coating is totally safe for health, does not release unpleasant odours and harmful gases and does not interact with chemicals. This is confirmed by certificates of conformity to European requirements, which can be provided for view on request.

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