Polished concrete floors from manufacture APSE!

polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors are a real trend in modern architecture and interior design. They are incredibly durable, safe and economically accessible. Our company offers quality materials and excellent service at competitive prices. Thanks to our production facilities, we are able to guarantee our customers the best possible prices.

Where are polished concrete floors used?

If you continue to think that concete is a dark gray mass, you are wrong! Our latest research in the field of innovation technology has led to a real revolution in the field of decorative coatings. Now concrete has become a beautiful and practical solution for any room; Not only can you acquire textures and colors, but also create a special oenoscope. Polished floors will be ideal for: apartments, public places, offices, dining rooms,places of entertainment or exhibition centers. If you need a particular design in the bathroom or in the kitchen, polished concrete coating will be the winning solution.


Features and benefits of polished concrete floors.

  1. Resistance to mechanical stress. Polished coating maintains its appearance even if subjected to frequent stresses.
  2. Moisture resistance makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, pools, saunas etc.
  3. The ability to create unique designs and colour solutions. Polished concrete floor will make your house interesting and original.
  4. High resistance and long life. A solution that lasts over the years, allowing you to save on maintenance.
  5. Easy to clean, has anti-static properties to prevent dust buildup on the surface.
  6. Quick setup. It's only a few days from the end of the works that you to be able to use the floor.


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