Resin floors for garages from APSE.

All modern garages offer a wide range of services to their customers. Visitors during the stay can either sit in a comfy relax area or a cozy bar or even do the shopping. The important thing is to make them feel comfortable.

Yet at a service station the most important venues are those, where the cars are checked and repaired. We can say with certainty that the floor always gets the hugest load, given the constant traffic of cars, dirt and dust accumulation, the presence of aggressive chemicals, oils, fuels, lubricants and water. All this leads to impracticability of the floor at the service station. That's why the floorings used in the garages must comply with all the high quality standards. In addition, their correct application reinforces the impeccable image of service centers and the safety of their employees.

Our experienced craftsmen will apply the floorings to the rule of art. Their proven experience, a great deal of projects, as well as the quality of the materials produced by our company will make your business even more profitable!

Resin floors for service points and car parks is the ideal solution for safe and long-term operation of your garage. Why is this option one of the most sought after and what are its advantages?

Resin floor: resistance to any loads.

This solution will enable you to obtain a number of advantages for various service stations and workshop premises with strong physical and chemical stress exposure:

  • High resistance to mechanical stress;
  • Resistance to direct shocks;
  • Resistance to abrasive agents and studded tires;
  • Repellent properties in case of interaction with chemicals, paints, or fuels;
  • Non-toxic materials;
  • High flame retardant properties: our materials do not contribute to the propagation of flames, and the interaction with metal objects does not create sparks.

Resin floor for garage: great functionality.

  1. Being waterproof, your concrete or other type of floor will not deform and will last for many years.
  2. The resin floor can hold any type of vibration, is not subjected to abrasion, and its average life is usually over 20 years.
  3. Resin flooring is easily cleaned either with the help of specific equipment or in a traditional way. As a continuous surface, it does not accumulate dust, dirt and moisture.
  4. Any stains may be removed with the help of solvents or special solutions without damaging the coating.
  5. Easy to recover without big expense.
  6. A wide range of design solutions and ready made projects, which can be tailored to your needs.
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