Concrete resin floors.

concrete resin floor

Concrete resins are the best solution if you are looking for solidity and durability. They are able to create smooth and continuous surfaces, which will not change their look over the years. The meshes used for the floors are made of special components: polymers and other binders with high adhesion, which can be applied on any surface including glass, plastic or ceramics. There is no need to demolish the old coating, just prepare it carefully, and a concrete resin floor will do all the rest!

APSE concrete resin floor.

We have been operating as leaders on the construction market for over 65 years. Our experts have created a considerable amount of high-quality materials. We have developed a special type of concrete taking into account all the needs of our customers and market trends, and this unique material became indispensable for the floors. This type of coating adheres perfectly to any surface and its thickness does not exceed 4-5 mm!

We have a team of skilled craftsmen for concrete resin floor application, so we can ensure a high quality of work and at the same time, the best prices for materials directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can get a "turnkey" concrete resin floor without extensive research of specialists and materials. We will take care of everything!

Concrete resin floors: universal coating.

There are no restrictions of use for concrete resin floors. It would be perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms in apartments, public institutions, kindergartens, schools and places of entertainment. In addition, they are compatible with underfloor heating and other systems.

The maintenance of this type of floor is extremely convenient: its solidity is equivalent to solid species of wood. It easily tolerates the exposure to vapour, and even to direct water jets. The high density of this material prevents from the development of pathogenic flora and other typical problems for places with high humidity level.

APSE concrete resin floors are solid and quality coatings from a reliable manufacturer!

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