Resin coatings for gardens from manufacture APSE.

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Resin floors for gardens, driveways and outdoor terraces are a modern and effective solution. Unlike indoor coatings, garden floors must have higher resistance and durability. They are designed to tolerate freaquent rain showers and temperature fluctuations. They must also be resistant to high loads and abrasion.

In our company, you have can purchase the turnkey solution, which gives you the double advantage: the professional application service and the best quality materials directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices.

How should the garden floor be?

  1. Robust. Unlike other coatings, resin flooring can last up to 2 decades. You will no longer need to change your floor frequently and will save on maintenance.
  2. Resistant to thermal swings and other atmospheric phenomena. Frost, heat, wind, bad weather have a negative effect on any surface, but resin floors can withstand all of them without any harm.
  3. Resistant to abrasion in case of continuous foot traffic.
  4. Simplicity and ease of maintenance. Quick and easy cleaning of the yard or garden from water, leaves or dirt, will make your days more enjoyable.
  5. The absence of seams. Resin floors are monolithic, and do not accumulate dust and dirt.
  6. Pleasant appearance. Ability to maintain original color and texture over the years.
  7. Resistance to water, acids, grease. Rain, stains of grease or wine will not damage the look of your garden coating.
  8. Impact resistance. The fall of heavy objects and dragging of the furniture will not compromise the integrity of the resin floor.
  9. Waterproofing. To prevent the water penetration is one of the main features of this type of coating.
  10. Mandatory presence of non-slip properties. On winter days you will be safe.
  11. Duration in time. Resin floors for gardens can last for more than 20 years despite weather effects.
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