Industrial resin floors!

industrial resin floor

A solid and durable industrial floor is the goal of many companies and their managers. If you are tired of changing or renovating the coatings in warehouses, stores or production plants. Contact us to order our resin floors which will meet all your requirements in terms of quality and look.

Reasons to choose industrial resin floors:

APSE has been engaged in manufacturing of building meshes for more than 65 years and has become a leader of the Italian construction market. Over the years, we have been improving our products not only to meet all the needs of customers, but also to go beyond their expectations. Therefore, in our laboratories, the creation of new materials is based on a constant search of the market. So we know exactly what is a perfect industrial resin floor. Here are the features that define its durability and practicality:

  • high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • high hygienic properties;
  • high resistance to chemical solutions;
  • resistance to rough temperature and humidity level changes;
  • fast application to an existing surface;
  • antistatic properties;
  • waterproofing;
  • attractive appearance;
  • UV rays resistance;
  • quick and easy maintenance.

All of these qualities are essential for any kind of industrial coating Therefore, many business owners choose resin ones. Of course, the cost of resin floors is higher than that of other surface types, but it is fully justified by the unique characteristics of the coating, among which there are attractive look and high resistance to mechanical stress.

Nowadays, resin floors are often used for industrial facilities thanks to their high quality and the ability to reflect all the characteristics of a perfect industrial coating, ie. the resistance to aggressive agents, rough temperature changes, solidity and impact resistance. This way, APSE resin floors which possess all of the necessary qualities fully repay their cost!

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