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Self-leveling grout for poured floor from the Italian manufacturer marked "Apse".

self-leveling floor

Poured floor is one of the best flooring options in an apartment or a country house. This is an advantageous and beautiful decorative solution for any room. It has established itself as practical, reliable and the one that fits any interior design. We offer you our services and materials for the installation of flooring from the manufacturer.

What does "APSE" company offer?

Our company produces self-leveling grout for the installation of poured floors of the following types:

  1. Self-leveling floors with a thickness of 2 mm. They are made only from environmentally friendly, high-strength, reliable polymer components. A successful combination of such components, as a result, gives a perfectly smooth, durable and aesthetically attractive covering.
  2. Such covering is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, residential premises, as well as for actively visited places: shopping malls, children's rooms or sports facilities. Thanks to its decorative qualities, it will satisfy the request of any designer, so many parlours order our mixtures for self-leveling floors.
  3. Thin-layer coating, created with micro cement. Its thickness is no more than 2 mm, and it can be mounted on any even surfaces. Due to their high adhesion and strength, they ideally fit the premises with high humidity, where there is a risk of mechanical abrasion and it is necessary to renew decorative flooring quickly.

What's special about a self-leveling floor?

The main advantage of the ready-made resin floor is its even, almost perfect surface. In addition, high wear resistance, due to which the covering will last for many years even in difficult conditions. Seamless mounting technology allows to provide high hygiene and exclude clogging of dust and dirt in the joint space. This is another weighty advantage in favor of the floor.

For all these indicators it is necessary to ensure a smooth surface of the base. It not only has to eliminate irregularities, but also to become a base for the best adhesion of the covering and the substrate. And for mounting the floor itself, only special solutions are suitable. The choice of self-leveling mixtures must be approached responsibly and seriously.

How to prepare the floor for self-leveling floor correctly?

Whatever the composition of the polymer flooring is, on a polyurethane, epoxy, methylmethyl aryl base, for all of them it is necessary to create an ideal base. The concrete surface is polished: it is necessary to eliminate the oversailed popouts, to fill in the cracks and spalls. Then, the floor is leveled with a screed of self-leveling solutions. The main thing is to sustain all the main stages of its formation:

  1. setting a level and markers, due to which the solution will be poured;
  2. pouring the prepared solution to the upper level of the markers on the base;
  3. levelling a screed by a darby float and its complete drying in an enclosed space;
  4. After complete drying, you can start pouring self-leveling floor.

As you can see, the final result depends on the quality of the mixture. Will the floor be durable and reliable, how much it will serve and how smooth will it be - all these indicators are important and should not change for the worse. Therefore, choose mixtures of only high quality, from the manufacturer, which has proved itself in the market of construction services.

Why is it profitable to buy solution for self-leveling floors in "APSE"?

  • Unique mixtures for the production of self-leveling floors of Italian production. The company is on the leadership positions of the construction market in Italy, which means that you can contact us directly, without intermediaries.
  • You can buy our solutions at favorable prices and order their arrangement. Our professionals have high qualifications, extensive experience and work with materials of the highest quality. You can save considerably by ordering from us the whole complex of works on arrangement of floors from resin.
  • Since 1964 we have been producing solutions and mixtures for finishing works. Our products are environmentally friendly, high-quality and reliable. You have the opportunity to buy products directly from production department, where it passes all the stages of quality control.
  • We work quickly and professionally. We finish work in strictly stipulated terms, and upon their end you can immediately use the floor.
  • Compliance with all technological processes guarantees a long life of your floor. In this way, you get long-lasting results.
  • We offer favorable terms of cooperation on a continuous basis for design agencies, construction companies and ordinary buyers. Contact us for buying self-leveling mixtures at wholesale prices!

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