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Self-leveling concrete from the Italian manufacturer brand "Apse"!

self-leveling concrete

The first problem faced by those who started repairs in their house is an uneven floor. If it was made using old technologies, then the materials cannot withstand a long operation. And you will face cavities, potholes, unevennesses and influxes of concrete, sticking armature, etc. Self-leveling concrete enjoys well-deserved popularity, which does not lose its positions from year to year.

Why are they used so often? A number of reasons can be specified, but only two of them will be main: ease of installation and minimal terms of achieving results. Modern construction is moving forward with a wet sail, increasingly using innovative materials. The appearance of such a covering, as a self-leveling floor, was a logical result of the work of many creators of building materials. Responding to a request from a consumer who did not want to wait any longer, when traditional concrete solidifies and hurries every hour and every minute, such solutions and mixtures have been created.

What is Self-leveling concrete used for?

We offer solutions and mixtures for the installation of self-leveling screeds, consisting of one or many components, from quartz mineral charges, copolymers and special additives. They quickly harden and create a high-strength covering. Acquiring high mechanical properties, it becomes an ideal basis for the future floor. Allows masters to proceed to work in the shortest possible time.

This screed is indispensable where it is necessary to make the surface perfectly flat with its minimum thickness. The specific formulation makes it possible to cover large areas without the use of reinforcing meshes. Suitable as a basis for:

  • Linoleum or other synthetic flexible coverings;
  • Carpeted floors;
  • Floorboard and parquet plank;
  • Wooden floor made of boards;
  • Ceramic and stone tiles;
  • Underfloor heating or cooling systems;
  • For self-leveling decorative floors of any kind;
  • Construction of new and strengthening of existing cement supports;
  • For surfaces of any volume;
  • When you need to mount a floor covering quickly and efficiently.

Here you will find advantageous offers of the Italian market, you can order the material in any quantity at the best prices. At self-leveling concrete prices offered by our company will help to significantly save when pouring a strong and durable covering in any type of room.

Self-leveling concrete - advantages of working with us.

Manufacturing solutions for self-leveling floors is the main direction of work of "APSE" company. And our products occupy a leading position in the construction market in Italy.

This gives you the following profitable positions: from attractive prices for mixtures to guarantees for high quality materials and work on their application.

We have been working in Italy since 1964 and we produce modern building materials, on the creation of which we work in our laboratories. These are high-tech mixtures that can transform any coverings and ensure the arrangement of strong and beautiful floors.

We constantly improve the composition of self-leveling concrete and introduce new components that provide even higher adhesion, strength and ability to align the most seemingly hopeless surfaces.

Innovative modifying polymers, mineral ingredients, as well as other components provide a long service life and strength to the whole composition. And this means that the screed, made on our solutions, will last for many years without visible damage and will retain its unique qualities.

Such coverings have no seams, so their integrity will be of good service in the bathrooms, in kitchens or in pools. Bacteria will not be collected in such a floor, it will be practical and easy to care for. Self-leveling floor is always advantageous and convenient!

Our offers for wholesale buyers and regular customers always please with their favorable terms. We provide discounts and special conditions for cooperation, both for private customers and large companies. As we are producers, this gives us unlimited possibilities for deliveries, their volumes and discounts for our customers.

Make sure in the quality of our work - visit the gallery on our website with photos of the finished works and video of installation technologies. This once again proves the high standards and the fulfillment of all the requirements for the quality of the material and the work of our specialists.

Please contact our managers in on-line form or on the specified phones in order to expand the capabilities of your home and implement unique ideas.

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