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Self-levelling underlayment from Apse.

Self-levelling underlayment

In order to lay any finish covering on the floor, you need to achieve a perfectly smooth surface and evenness of the rough floor. If you do not pay special attention to this, then eventually the tile, self-leveling floor or parquet will deform, carpet flooring or linoleum will tear and you have to start all over again. Self-levelling underlayment will help to solve this problem. "APSE" company offers you mixtures and mortars for underlayments at the best prices. Call our manager-consultants and ask questions about our capabilities!

What benefit will you get by using a self-leveling mixture?

It is clear that the basis of good floor covering is smooth base surface. Competently and professionally prepared covering means long and problem-free operation of the floor. So, the surface should be leveled, without breaches, low spots, unnecessary slopes.

Possibility of arrangement of thermal insulation and soundproofing with less expenses. Self-leveling mixtures are not only convenient and technological in their work, application and subsequent operation. This is also an additional soundproof layer, besides they can be bought for arranging warm floors.

They work fast and do not require significant investment and physical effort. It is enough simply to dissolve the necessary mixture according to the instructions and proceed to leveling the surface.

It should also be taken into account that such mixtures freeze very quickly and you do not need to spend a lot of time waiting to continue working. Literally, in a few hours the masters will be able to begin their further work.

Using such underlayment, you strengthen the surface and prevent its destruction. We offer innovative underlayment compounds, including new components into them that increase their service life and make your floor perfectly reliable and practical.

What are the advantages of a self-leveling compound?

Such an underlayment is a readily spreadable solution capable of self-distributing around the perimeter of the room and forming a smooth horizontal surface. They have other advantages:

  • ease of application;
  • obtaining a quick result;
  • accelerated drying time;
  • high plasticity;
  • creating the most durable surface;
  • arrangement of durable underlayment;
  • frost resistance;
  • incombustibility of the finished underlayment;
  • affordable prices;
  • high productivity of works;
  • safety for human health.

Composition of self-levelling underlayment.

We produce a large number of self-leveling mortar mixtures, almost all of them are based on cement or gypsum. Other components that provide flexibility, ductility, strength, etc. are also added to them. Everything depends on the individual requirements of the customer and the technical characteristics of the future covering. Therefore, for each individual project we offer our own option.

The mixture is usually filled with quartz sand, ground limestone of small and large fractions. At the same time, their size depends on the purpose of the mixture: for more complex areas and for coarse underlayments, large fractions are usually chosen, and for finer work - smaller ones.

The composition also introduces modifying additives that help to resist moisture, steam, improve adhesion, and also affect the spreadability, strength and drying speed of the underlayment.

All components of the mixtures are environmentally safe and absolutely harmless to human health. They do not emit any vapors and can be used in any premises: in living rooms, in kitchens, in bathrooms, in public places, etc.

Where is self-levelling underlayment used?

Such underlayments are necessary for leveling and smoothing the floor surface where unevenness can reach from 5 mm to 40 mm. Their high mechanical strength can withstand the abrasion of civilian institutions, shopping malls, etc., so it can be left as a finished floor. Example of its use:

  • creation of new coverings in supermarkets, restaurants, shops, exhibition halls, children's centers, etc.;
  • creation of wear-resistant coverings on concrete surfaces, old plates, ceramic tiles, natural stone;
  • arrangement of floors on chemical, food, textile and other, industrial enterprises, such, where the floor on epoxy basis shall be used;
  • installation of new polymer floors in boutique stores, shops, cosmetic centers and in apartments;
  • installation of micro-cement self-leveling floor in offices, theaters, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

Here you can buy micro cement and be sure that even the most unusual objects will turn into original and beautiful ones!

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