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Stamped or printed concrete for yards or terraces.

stamped concrete for yards

Patios, driveways, paths and playgrounds are also decorative elements of our living space. Therefore, we want them to look nice and cozy, preferably unlike the others. In order not to spend a lot of energy and finances for the improvement of the yard or terrace, use decorative stamped concrete. This modern material can surprise even the most sophisticated customers. We offer a unique technology for finishing sidewalks, paths, parking lots, yards, stairs in private, commercial and industrial construction from the manufacturer. Take advantage of the profitable offer from "APSE" company!

What is stamped or printed concrete? Why is it called so?

Printed concrete (pressed concrete) or stamped concrete is a new technology for the finishing of horizontal surfaces. Its composition is similar to ordinary concrete, but it is supplemented with special ingredients - chemical substances that give the finished covering the right color and high strength properties. The thickness of the stamped concrete depends on the technical conditions, but it must be at least 100 mm so that further stamping does not weaken it.

It is called stamped due to the way it is applied, which is made by imprinting a matrix with a pattern on the surface. The selected relief pattern is embossed with the help of polyurethane metal stamps. And they can be virtually of any kind. Vegetable patterns, animal skins, brickwork, old stone or cobblestone texture, paving stones, boards, granite or marble, etc. Today, it is possible to produce almost any forms that will transfer the variants of imprints to concrete.

Advantages of stamped concrete for laying in the yard or on the terrace.

The main positive quality is durability. The covering will serve you for many decades thanks to special varnishes and additives, which are responsible for strength, ability to withstand frost, moisture, mechanical influences and other possible aggressions in the open space. This unique material withstands the temperature range from -50 to +500 C, it is not slippery, it does not lose its color, and it tolerates the sunrays. If compared with traditional asphalt and tile coverings, the stamped concrete is substantially more stable and durable.

Paints and pigments give the concrete the necessary color and texture. The designer will do his job confidently and at 100%, as a result your yard will become a part of the paving stone of old London, it will resemble an oak flooring or pebble beach.

Using the technology of stamped concrete, you can complete the work on the object much faster and much more profitable in financial terms in comparison with other coverings. Concrete is poured on the site of installation, so no need to think about transportation and unloading. It is not necessary to make a foundation for it, because it serves both the as a base and fixing covering itself.

Why is it advantageous to buy materials for stamped concrete from the manufacturer "APSE"?

The main direction of our activity is the production of mixtures and components for the arrangement of decorative stamped concrete. If you are interested in purchasing such material at reasonable prices, then we have reasonable and favorable prices from a direct manufacturer.

We produce a wide range of pigments and colorants, which allow you to create unique textures and colors on your terrace. Unique combinations make it possible to make your yard also unique!

We guarantee high quality of the material, because we are one of the leaders of the construction market in Europe. This means that your yard will be environmentally friendly and durable. It can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, because it does not contain substances harmful to the human body.

We can purchase all necessary materials and tools for creating decorative high-quality coverings. Therefore, you do not have to waste time searching for the right products, and buy all at once in one place.

Installation of stamped concrete from high-class professionals.

To save your money, you can use our service of stamped concrete mounting by experienced specialists of our company. Professionals with great possibilities and a wide choice of stamping forms will make your yard unique and beautiful! To confirm their qualification, we offer you a guarantee for our work, the term of which depends on the technical task. Contact us! We will gladly help you to create a guaranteed high-strength and reliable covering of the desired design at the highest level, quickly and efficiently!

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