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Flocks, chips for polymer flooring.


Self-leveling floors have recently become very popular due to their unique properties: strength, hygiene, durability, safety and multifunctionality. However, for many interior designers their unique decorative properties are the main reason to use polymer coverings. To create beautiful and unusual floors, flocks and chips of various shapes, sizes and colors are used. We offer you high-quality polymer particles of our own production at the best prices!

What are flocks or chips for self-leveling floors?

If translated from German, it literally means "flakes", and they really are flakes of paint or acrylic particles. They can look differently: circular or irregular in shape, with raised edges, in the form of straws or various geometric shapes. Getting into the base, the chips form beautiful unique patterns on it. Due to the diversity of flocks themselves, the surface may have different colors, and may be different in texture.

What are the advantages of using flocks for polymer floors?

  1. One base may give several different coverings. This method allows you to seriously reduce the time of installation of a multi-colored floor or floor with patterns, as well as a floor of different texture.
  2. Self-leveling floor with chips or flocks is not subject to abrasion and discoloration. Due to the fact that the color of the particles is protected by additional top layers, it practically does not change with time.
  3. The possibility of creating a matte or glossy covering.
  4. This decoration easily masks small raveling and defects of the floor.
  5. Absence of seams, joints and simple care!

Where to use self-leveling floors with flocks?

  • In apartments, private houses.
  • In public places: restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping and entertainment malls, administrative and public buildings, medical institutions.
  • In industrial premises: such a floor will serve for a long time without visible damage and scratches.

How to use chips, flocks, glitters when installing the self-leveling floor?

The easiest way is to scatter the particles evenly over a non-frozen floor surface. In this case, up to 80 grams of material per square meter is used. As a result, we get a discreet economic option.

The standard method involves the uniform distribution of a continuous layer of flocks to produce a saturated pattern. Consumption - up to 150 grams per square meter.

Driving chips into the covering with a pneumatic gun gives a high color density. According to this method, the consumption rate reaches 700 grams per square meter.

By purchasing quality flocks from us, you will be sure that they will not fade, spoil and retain their original appearance for many years and will not require special care. Call us to get the maximum information and to order the most beautiful self-leveling floors!

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