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Two-component Resin and two-component polymers from the Apse brand manufacturer.

resin epoxy bicomponent floor

Recently two-component resins, or two-component polymers have taken a firm place in a modern construction and finishing materials market. Dynamically developing promising technologies for flooring are self-levelling floors, they mainly use polymer compounds in their laying. Due to their properties, these two-component compounds provide a high-quality aesthetic component, allowing to create voluminous, monochrome, multicolored and patterned surfaces. Also, two-component resins are indispensable for industrial floors, where strength, durability, high adhesion for bonding to the base layer and convenient easy operation are important.

The company "APSE" offers you a wide choice of two-component resins and polymers of its own production. We have been producing the construction and finishing materials for more than 65 years so far, and the company holds a leadership position on the European market. Developing products in our own laboratories, we adhere to the main principle, which is that our product must not only meet all the needs of consumers, but also to be ahead of them. Therefore, we create materials on the basis of consumer demand, which we closely monitor. Buying from us two-component resins and polymers, you can be sure that you get high-quality and reliable product from experts in its field.

What are two-component resins and polymers?

So, why are they so popular, and give high performance indicators of the finished products? What do they consist of and what are their advantages? You can find it out here below.

The composition of two-component resins and polymers is partially hidden in their name: they consist of two main components, which determine their properties.

Component 1. This is the base, which is a resin or a polymer.

Component 2. It is often called a hardener, which actually reflects its purpose.  Adding it, the transition of the component from the liquid to the solid state is ensured.

That is, two liquid components are joined together, then they harden, and as a result a material with the necessary physicochemical characteristics is produced. In order to obtain a quality compound and, as a result, a reliable product, one must strictly adhere to the proportions and compound conditions specified in the instruction manual for our materials. If one does not adhere to the necessary ratios, the resin can not only deteriorate, but the process of compounding does not happen. It is worth noting that all processes take place in the normal temperaturesrange of 10-25 degrees Celsius, no special furnaces or heating for materials are needed. There is also a related component – solvent, that is non-volatile and comfortable to use, does not require special precautions for working with it: masks or respirators. It is  enough just to follow basic safety rules when working with chemical compounds.

Types of two-component resin

According to the chemical nature of the polymer component, two-component polymer coatings are divided into polyurethane and epoxy ones. There are also other types, but we will consider the most common, which occupy more than 80% of the market share.

Epoxy two-component resins

This is the most common type of resin and polymer materials. Why? It is simple: they often most fully meet the performance and technical requirements. And their price is quite low compared to other types of coatings.

Epoxy two-component resins are the main constituent of self-leveling floors for any conditions and purposes. They are used practically without restrictions in industry, in domestic premises, in public institutions, etc. This is often an optimal choice, which, with the necessary additives like quartz and other constituents, provides high rates of impact and abrasion resistance.

As one can see, there are many advantages using this type of two-component resins, including the ability to withstand aggressive chemical influences. This guarantees the integrity of the floors in such environments as the food, pharmaceutical, medical industries.

The drawback of this type of polymer can be insufficient plasticity. But to date, research in our laboratories has ensured the overcoming of this problem. Therefore, you can order from us a two-component epoxy resin for the laying of self-leveling floors, and be sure that its quality is at the highest level.

Polyurethane two-component resins.

This type of resin is becoming increasingly popular due to its excellent physical and technical characteristics. In addition, recently the cost of these materials has decreased significantly. And their main advantage is high plasticity, which makes it possible to create reliable and durable coatings with a minimum layer of material. They tolerate any changes in temperature, so they are often used to cover floors in freezing rooms. And also under conditions of intense shock-dynamic loads, i.e. in industries where heavy objects could fall down, or strong vibrations are happening. In addition, polyurethane materials have excellent chemical resistance.

Choosing any of the two-component resins produced by our company, you can be sure that all products will be of the highest quality, at the most favorable price from the manufacturer, and with all the necessary supporting documents.

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