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Walls of stamped concrete. Stamped walls.

Wall of stamped concrete

Stamped concrete walls are the creation of a solid surface that instead of a gray unsightly mass becomes expressive with imitation of stone, brick, pavers or even wood. All this is possible thanks to a special technology that allows to provide a decoration of walls for both interior and exterior. Stamped or printed concrete, as a result, makes it possible to create from a usual material a unique decor that will be appropriate in any interior, because it takes any forms that we need.

We offer the latest developments of our company, which give the original technology of mounting of stamped walls. In our own laboratories, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the desire of our specialists to meet all requests, we create a practical, high-quality and aesthetically attractive product. And thanks to our own production you get a successful alliance of profitable prices and unique in its kind reliable stamped decorative wall covering.


A special cement mortar is laid out to the wall. It includes polymer additives, which give a special strength and decisive color effect. Upon reaching a certain consistency, it is shaped with forms or stamps imitating various materials. For example, wooden boards or bark, masonry, leather, slat, paving stones - all this can be reproduced by decorative stamped concrete. The surface of the wall is surprisingly realistic, completely imitating the selected material. In this case, the range of choice is very wide and has no limitations, because you only need to make a form.

Our laboratory workers create a huge range of stamped concrete for the walls. They successfully combine cement mortars with selected quartz sand, portland cement, polymeric additives to withstand sunlight, moisture and temperature, and also to increase adhesion to the base. As a result, obtained coating has a thickness of a few centimeters, but at the same time, it is very reliable and durable.

Advantages of walls from stamped concrete.

  1. Aesthetically attractive material, which can simulate any effect of any material, including its texture and color. The stamped wall gets the look that you need here and now in this interior. No one will guess that the wall near the fireplace in the living room is not a brickwork at all, and a splash back on a kitchen wall is not made of clay tiles. We offer a large selection of textures and colors for any designs.
  2. Advantageous offer: you buy material at the most interesting price, because we are manufacturers and do not make any premiums on our products. In addition, imitated materials are very often much more expensive than stamped concrete, so you save again. And our specialists will carry out the installation quickly and competently at the most affordable cost.
  3. Utility of walls from stamped concrete exceeds the most modern materials. To begin with, it is very durable. Special processing allows you to use it for external works: it easily withstands moisture, sunshine, temperature, aggressive substances and chemical reagents. This coating is not afraid of abrasion and mechanical damage.
  4. It is easy to care for: these walls are easy to wash, clean, service. You need simply to wipe them with a soap solution to remove dirt.
  5. Quickly mounted: our specialists have a great experience in decorating walls with stamped concrete. Even the largest area will be finished in a short time. Special preparatory works are not needed, and the installation cycle is minimal.
  6. Stamped walls retain their original appearance for a long time. Certain conditions with high loads are no exception.
  7. The stamped walls are monolithic and seamless, so they are used in bathrooms where there is a lot of moisture, so mold and microorganisms will not accumulate in seams and gaps. This material is indispensable for facade work and decoration of the outer walls of houses and cottages. It is easy to wash and clean.
  8. Possibility of use in any climatic conditions. Stamped walls are not afraid of large temperature fluctuations with moisture. This means, that if the surface will often freeze and thaw, nothing will happen to it, it will not collapse and will not become less durable. The absence of pores in such a wall makes it absolutely universal for use in any latitudes. Also we have additional additives to the mixture, allowing to increase any given indicators.
  9. Even if your stamped wall is damaged, it is very easy to repair or restore it.  Renewal or replacement of a small area of surface does not take much time and resources, and most importantly - you do not need to dismantle the whole covering, but only its damaged part. At the same time, all the works are done quickly, which is very convenient for public places.






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