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Quartz flooring. Agglomerated quartz floors.

If you adore noble and elegant designs, then a quarz floor is a winning solution. Quartz floors, both natural and synthetic, have not only all the advantages of a stone lining, but are also aesthetically pleasing look. Quartz helps create elegant floors, and is able to give a chic touch to the entire interior design.

Our company offers you all the materials needed for agglomerated qualtz coatings at the best price. We also offer the application service by our qualified technicians to guarantee you the best result.

The benefits of quartz or agglomerated quartz coatings.

This type of flooring will be perfect for residential areas: apartments in a condo or chalet, offices or public buildings, museums, hotels, clinics, entertainment venues, etc. As the material has a list of advantages that make it virtually perfect:

  • Resistant to mechanical damage (scratches, cracks, chipping);
  • Water-repellent and waterproof;
  • Simple and easy to maintain, easy to clean from dirt;
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations;
  • Resistant to alkaline and acid solutions;
  • Sustainable material;
  • hygienic.

What color can be a quartz floor?

It is wrong to think that quartz floors have a limited range of colours. It is not really true. Choosing the color of a quartz agglomerate depends only on the designer's imagination! There are some very sophisticated colors and textures, but even these are not a dogma anyway. This material has gained its popularity not only thanks to its exceptional physical and mechanical properties. It has been successfully used by all the major designers in the world and never disappoints their expectations. It is possible to obtain the pigment of any shade and thanks to the special additives create a desired texture and pattern.

Need a unique and original quartz floor? Then call us!

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