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Sanding of the resin industrial floors from APSE

Thanks to the production technology, the surface of the self-leveling floor is smooth already after the application, and there is usually no need of any further finishing work. This is only possible if the original materials are applied by a skilled craftsman. If the application technique is not scrupulously respected, the resin floor will have to be sanded. Our company offers sanding service at affordable prices.

When is it necessary to sand an industrial floor?

For the proper functioning of the production facilities, the industrial flooring must be of high quality and in excellent condition. Any problems with the floor should be resolved as soon as possible. The reasons why the floor becomes irregular are two: either the application technique has not been respected or the floor has been damaged during use. In both cases, the coating should be sanded. The damages that can be eliminated with the sanding are as follows:

  • Delamination, top swelling;
  • Cracks on the surface;
  • Foreign particles on the surface;
  • Bumps;
  • Premature wear off.

The choice of a defect correction technique depends on the complexity and depth of the damage. Therefore, the sanding alone can not solve the situation. In these cases other methods are used.

How are resin floors sanded?

The restoration requires the use of an appropriate equipment. Our artisans are in possession of such tools and perform the restoration work as quickly as possible. If you have decided to do the DIY sanding, remember that with no professional machinery you will not be able to get the same result.

Sanding may cause scratches on the surface. To eliminate them, a thin layer of material is poured to eliminate any irregularities and improve the aesthetic appearance of the coating.

Cases when sanding is not possible.

Sometimes there are cases when it is impossible to perform a sanding. They are the following: chipping, dents, heavy wear, punching caused by heavy machinery, etc.

These problems require more complex restoration.

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