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Epoxy resins. Prices.

epoxy resins

There is no need to speak a lot on the advantages of epoxy resin in the field of construction. This material has proven itself as one of the most durable and resistant. Therefore, it is used by many companies: its unique properties are appreciated by both customers and manufacturers. First of all, we must emphasize that this type of flooring is very versatile. It is suitable for offices, residential, industrial and commercial areas, or any other destination. APSE epoxy resin is a high quality, safe, solid and durable material.

Since we are the leading Italian manufacturer of high quality epoxy resins, one of our strengths is also the convenience. You will not find a product of equal quality at a lower price. In addition, we always offer the best prices and a flexible system of discounts for our customers.

For more detailed information and a cost estimate, please contact our consultants. They will provide you a detailed catalogue with a price list and  the description of the qualitative characteristics of the material.

Epoxy resin. How do I calculate the price?

If you decided to buy our epoxy resin, please fill in a request form, specifying the details of your project. Its enough to indicate the size, the type of the future coating and the type of application to be performed.

You can also take advantage of our application service. During the inspection, our specialists will be able to recommend you the right type of resin, discuss with you all the details, and in a few minutes give you a detailed estimate.

We offer the following epoxy resin prices start from 6 EURO to 1 kg.

With us you can take advantage of  various discounts and offers. You will get a guaranteed discount on large volumes. For regular customers, however, we have provided a flexible system of personalized discounts. This way you will get a high-quality epoxy resin at affordable price and directly from the manufacturer!

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