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Reasons to order industrial floors on!

industrial resin floor

Industrial floors are highly resistant, solid and durable coatings. They have gained their wide spread thanks to their excellent qualities and versatility that fully meets the needs of the modern industry. Their duration will be long both in laboratories, warehouses and service stations. On our website you can find everything you need for the right choice of an industrial floor and see the already completed projects. Our representatives are always available to give you an estimate and to answer all your questions. To get in touch with us simply call our offices or fill in the online request form. Contact us to order your ideal floor!

Why should you order industrial floors on our site?

Industrial floors have numerous benefits. Here are some of the most remarkable: high wear resistance, absence of joints or seams, fireproof property, impermeability, hygiene and durability. They are a decent alternative to concrete, tiles and resin. Ordering industrial floors on our website means getting all the advantages of these modern coatings on favourable terms.

  1. Our professional experienced craftsmen perform the application within the agreed terms, ensuring the best results. All the materials are supplied directly from our factories in Italy, and therefore we have no restrictions on either quantity or labour execution time.
  2. Our brand was founded in 1964 and over the years has become a leader on the Italian market. We have established ourselves as manufacturers of quality materials and partners with an impeccable reputation. All of our products are in possession of certificates in compliance with European safety and quality standards.
  3. On our website you can buy industrial floors at the best price. As manufacturers we are able to offer competitive prices both for materials and labour. Our team of professionals performs high quality application service at the best price!

Call our representatives for information on application of industrial floors! We will do our best to assure quality and durability of your coating!

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