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Industrial floors. Prices.

industrial resin floor

APSE has been working with industrial coatings for over 65 years and has gained an important position as Italian construction market leader. High quality products are the main key to our success and impeccable reputation.

Every business owner will appreciate not only the quality of our floors, but also the economic aspect.

Industrial concrete floors.
If you need to quickly renovate a tiled surface, to cover a rough screed or you need an ultra-thin coating, concrete floor is the best option. Our meshes are enriched with the unique components, which give high adhesion of the material with the old surface, with no need to demolish it.

Industrial concrete floor price is 20 EUR. Thickness 15 sm + net.

Industrial epoxy floors.

These floors are solid, antibacterial and hygienic. They are ideal for places where their antistatic properties and solidity could be appreciated. Epoxy based resin floors donate extra resistance and do not contribute to the development of micro-organisms and do not gather dust on their surface. In addition, epoxy floors have an attractive look thanks to numerous decorative effects. This feature makes them ideal for kindergartens, hospitals, shopping centres and other places of entertainment.

Industrial epoxy floor price is Self-leveling - 35 EUR per sq.m., screed - 45 EUR sq.m.

Self levelling industrial floors
Self levelling floors will help to even out any surface. If you need to renovate a damaged concrete  floor, self levelling meshes will help you make a flat, smooth surface,which will not crack even when exposed to frequent mechanical stress and heavy loads.

Self levelling industrial floor price is 35 EUR mq.m.

Industrial polyurethane resin floors.

This kind of coating meets the highest requirements and international standards for floors used in chemical and food industries. These coatings are not only solid, but possess antibacterial, antistatic and anti-corrosion properties. More over they tolerate well heavy loads in warehouses, sheds and other industrial areas.
Industrial polyurethane resin floor price is 35 EUR per sq.m.

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